Doll faces in the Wonderful WorldTM of Barbie®

A quite important note from the editor... These pages came to life as I once collected dolls by face and got curious to what faces was used for which doll. I made a table of each sculpt and tried to gather at least one of each character per sculpt. The site has evolved into something else since, but I have not every doll ever made with each sculpt listed, nor do I have the intention of ever having so. I just want to show off all the different sculpts used and their name (if they have one) and a copyright year, when known.

Not all the faces in this table/list are Barbie family or friends dolls, but they have in a way some connections to each other. Further down the page I have other dolls. On most face pages I have a note at the bottom, listing other dolls with that particular sculpt, which is not a complete list in any way, just some randomly picked examples... Or none at all. Well, I think it all will unravel itself, if you just take a peek  ;)

Some of the sculpts have two lines/links as the dates have changed due to Mattel started using different sculpts for pink box vs collector dolls, although they are virtually the same. I will still keep them on the same page...

Further noted: The year mentioned under each doll's face shot, is most often the box date - when I know it, or the release date (usually the year after box date).

And one more. There are small "Back" and "Next" button at the bottom. They don't work. No links. Remains from before, don't know why I kept them there.

I need to apologize from start. Some photos are retaken but far from all. Some are shots of rather dusty dolls, or with stray hairs across their faces and a lot of other issues but I have been taking quick snapshots of most of my collection and never found the actual time to do "real" photo shoots... As in setting up a decent studio and clean the dolls etc, etc. Some photos are picked from the old site and those are blurry beyond belief (happens when you expand compressed jpegs). Some are quite OK - but not all. Bare with me. Thank you.

Disclaimer: If you have a link with the security protocol (https), delete the s and pictures will hopefully show. Make sure the link says http, not https.

So here goes, My new start pages with photos if you'd rather see the sculpt first and not just a name as in the table below. This is an ongoing progress and neverending work and I am surely giving myself more of it by doing this. Still pictures missing in the gallery, but as said... It's in the works.

Barbie® and other female dolls (11"): 1958-1999 | 2000-forward
Included here are most of the 11" dolls, including Tall and Petite. No celebrities right now.

Ken® and other male dolls (12"): 1960's-1999 | 2000-forward
   Included are most of the 12" male dolls, Mattel branded, movie and fairytale dolls etc. No celebrities right now.

Teen Siblings/Cousins/Friends dolls: one page
   Most of the teen size dolls from Dreamhouse Stacie up in length, Skipper, Francie, Sunshine, 9-10" Movie/Fairytale etc.

Kid Siblings/Cousins/Friends dolls: one page
   All the smaller siblings and same size dolls. No celebrities at the moment.

Infant/Baby dolls: one page
   The petite, newborns, baby sitter babies, I Can Be etc,

Other size dolls: (in the works)
   Supersize, My Size, My First, 'Amazons', Wee 3 Friends etc.

© Dolls and photos all belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

For the purpose of identifying the exact doll you may have on hand, I suggest you pay the German site Fashiondollz.Info a visit. Dagmar and Tanja has put in hours and hours of work to make their site a source for doll ID. As their site evolves, more and more information is added. From there you may wander off into the wonderous cyber space with a name and an ID number to find a picture of your doll in box. The Internet is a huge source of information, if you know how to seek it. 

Barbie® and Friends, 11" Family etc, Misc smaller dolls Ken® and other male dolls, 12"
1958 Barbie 
1958 Barbie, Fashion Queen 
- Miss Barbie
1958 Midge 
- Midge, Wigs Wardrobe 
- Midge, Japan
1962/1966 Twist'n Turn 
1965/1968 Stacey 
1965 Christie 
1971 Steffie*
1976 SuperStar 
1976/1980 Western (Winking)
1978 Italian 
1978 Kissing
1980 Oriental/Kira 
1982 Spanish 
1985 Diva 
1986 Heart Family Kissing Mom 
1986 Heart Family Grandma
1987 Christie 
1990 Teresa
1990 Shani 
1990 Nichelle 
1990 Asha 
1991 Mackie 
1991 Teen Talk 
1976/97 Talk With Me
1998 Generation Girl (GG)/CEO 
1998 Goddess 
1998 Tori/Chelsie 
1998 Ana/Lara 
1998 Mari 
2000 Kayla/Lea
2001 Adria/Desiree 
2001 Tango/Shannen
2001 Mbili
2001/2006 Mbili/Jazz Diva
2003 Summer 
2003 Carnaval
2003 Happy Family Grandma 
2003 Marisa 
2003 ChaCha (revised Marisa)
2004 Daria
2004 Nichelle*
2004 Elina 
2004 Dandelion 
2004 Mermaidia 
2005 Barbie
2005 Barbie, closed mouth
2006 Nikki 
2006 Teresa 
2006 Chat Divas 
2006 Alice
2008 Aphrodite 
2009 Louboutin/Glimmer
2010 Raquelle 
2010 GG/Fashionistas closed mouth 
2010 Carnaval, modified
2011 Summer 
2011 Mermaid 
2011 Pazette 
2011 Mbili, playline*
2012 Dreamhouse Raquelle
2012 Dreamhouse Summer
2012 Dreamhouse Teresa
2013 Karl Lagerfeld
2013 Millie
2013 Steffie, playline*
2014 'Teresa'/Neysa playline
2014 Fashionistas 'Kim'
2014 Fashionistas/Crystal
2014 Claudette
2015 Olivia/Renée (/Pizzazz)
2015 Fashionistas 'Curvy'/Daisy
2015 Millie closed mouth
2015 Millie, collector
2015 Neysa, collector
2016 Madam Lavinia
2016 Fashionistas D&D 'greek'
2016 Fashionistas AA/Zig-Zag
2016 June playline
2016 Alec/Fashionistas FNJ40
2016 Daya/Fashionistas AA
2017 Fashionistas 'albino'
2017 Selma DuPar James
2018 June collector
2018 Skipper/shaved sides
2018 Violet/Dimples   
2018 Dreamhouse Nikki
2019 Fashionistas GHW61/NA
2020 Odile
2020 Brooklyn
2020 Fashionistas (GRB52)
2020 Nichelle revised/KITH*
2020 Lina (LOOKS 1)
2020 Elle (LOOKS 2)
2020 Kit (LOOKS 3)
2020 Victoria (LOOKS 6) 
2020 Fashionistas, latina smile
2021 Tamika (LOOKS 7)
2021 Andra (LOOKS 8)
2021 Simone (LOOKS 10)
2021 Heide (LOOKS 11)
2021 Fryda (LOOKS 12)
2021 Fashionistas, (HBV20)
2021 Lyla
2021 Robyn
2022 Millie, braces
2022 Fashionistas, (HJR98)
2022 Fashionistas, (HJR99)
2022 Down Syndrome 
2022 Fashionistas, (HJT06)
2022 Fashionistas, (HRH12)
2022 Odile smile (Mermaid, HRR05)
2023 Brooklyn closed mouth

1965 Francie 
1966 Casey 
1971 Francie, German 

1963 Skipper 
1978 Skipper 
1984 Skipper 
1987 Skipper 
1993 Skipper 
1995 Skipper
2010 Skipper 
2016 Skipper I/II/III 

1963 Skooter 
1969 Fluff 
1979 Starr 
1979 Starr Kelley/Jazzie 
1979 Starr Tracy/Chelsie 

2005 12DP Hadley/Isla 

1963 Ricky 
1979 Scott 
1989 Kevin 
2016 Babysitters Inc. boy I 
2020 Babysitters Inc. boy II

- Tutti 
- Chris 
- Kiddles/Lori

1990 Todd 
1991 Stacie 
2000 Fern 
2010 Stacie 
2018 Team Stacie boy 
2021 Jackson
2021 Jayla

2012 Marie 
2012 Max 
1994 Kelly I, bottle mouth 
1994 Kelly II, open mouth 
1994 Kelly III, closed mouth 
2002 Kelly IV, dimples
2003 Kelly Lemonhead
2003 NN babyface
2004 Kelly V, toothy grin
2004 Mayor Munchkin
2006 Pixies/Kelly VI 
2006 Kelly VII, flat face
2006 Kelly VIII/Miranda
2006 Kelly IX/Kayla
2006 Kelly X/Tommy
20xx I Can Be/Babysitters INC. girls
20xx I Can Be/Babysitters INC. boys
2010 Chelsea smiley
2010 Chelsea closed mouth
2016 Club Chelsea boy
2017 Club Chelsea boy AA
2019 Dreamtopia boy
2019 Chelsea boy AA
2021 Chelsea wide smile I
2021 Chelsea wide smile II

Color Reveal Chelsea I
Color Reveal Chelsea II
Color Reveal Chelsea III
Color Reveal Chelsea IV
Color Reveal Chelsea boy I
Color Reveal Chelsea boy II
Color Reveal Chelsea boy III

1976 Rosebud I
1976 Rosebud II
1976 Rosebud III
1987 Heart Family Baby wets
1995 Rosebud/student, molded hair
- baby, Barbie baby sits 
1973 baby, Sunshine/Happy 
1985 baby 
1993 baby 
1998 baby Krissy 
2003 baby Nikki 
- newborn Happy Family baby 
- 'I Can Be' all plastic baby
- I Can Be baby A/B/C
2011 Nursery kids
- Babysitters INC

1977 Sunshine Family toddler


- Ken I, flocked 
- Ken II 
- Allan 
1968 Ken, Edwardian 
1969 Brad 
1972 Ken, Mod Hair 
1977 Ken, SuperStar 
1977 Ken, SuperStar hair 
1981 Ken, AA rooted hair 
1983 Ken, Crystal 
1983 Ken AA 
1983 Ken, Hispanic
1985 Derek 
1986 Ken, Rockers 
1986 Heart Family Grandpa 
1987 Steven 
1988 Ken, new SuperStar 
1990 Alan 
1991 Alan, short hair 
1990 Ken/Alan, rooted hair 
1991 Ken, Secret Heart 
1991 Ken, Totally Hair 
1991 Ken, military 
1991 Jamal 
1996 Ken, Harley 
1997 Ken 
1997 Jamal, rooted hair 
1997 Mulder 
1997 Romeo 
1999 Blaine 
- Ken II rooted repro 
2000 Arabian/Tango molded hair
2001 Alan 
2001 Tango 
2001 Legolas 
2004 Happy Family Neighbor Dad
2004 Prince Aidan 
2005 Ken 
2005 Prince Derek 
2006 Prince Antonio 
2006 Jamal/Antonio AA 
2007 Ken, groom 
2007 Ken, India 
2007 Mariposa Prince
2008 Mr. Spock
2009 Edward
2009 Ken, Fashionistas
2009 Darren
2009 Harley
2009 Ken, Toy Story 
2009 Ken, Toy Story II 
2009 Silkstone, Nicolai 
2010 Ken, Basics 
2010 Ken, Basics AA 
2010 Ken, Japan 
2011 Ryan 
2011 Ken, molded hair/wigs 
2012 Ken, molded hair
2012 Ryan, molded hair
2014 Ken/Edmund, molded hair
2015/2016 Ken, molded hair
2016 Rafa/Ken, Fashionistas AA
2016 Ken, Fashionistas smiley
2016 Ken, Fashionistas manbun
2016 Ken, Fashionistas AA cornrows
2016 Ken, Fashionistas quiff/jock
2016 Ken, Fashionistas beach
2016 Ken, Fashionistas curly crew
2017 Elf Prince (Faraway Forest)
2018 Ken, Fashionistas AA
2018 Ken, Fashionistas Asian/Mohawk
2018 Ken, Fashionistas quiff
2019 Tango, revised
2019 Ken, Fashionistas rooted
2019 Ken, Fashionistas Asian/'wig'
2019 Tate/dimples
2020 Ken, Fashionistas AA/rooted
2020 Ken, Fashionistas/front combed
2020 Ken, Fashionistas curly top
2020 Ken, Smile & dimples
2020 Ken, Dreamtopia Prince
2020 Jon (LOOKS 4)
2020 Sean (LOOKS 5)
2021 Cam (LOOKS 9)
2021 Brandon (LOOKS 17)
2021 Julio
2021 Ken, Fashionistas (HBV27)
2022 Ken, EXTRA Fly (HNP86)
2022 Ken, Fashionistas AA dreads
2022 Ken, Fashionistas smile I
2022 Ken, Fashionistas smile II
2023 Ken, Fashionistas (HRH26)




2019 Color Reveal Millie 
2019 Color Reveal Alec
2019 Color Reveal Daya
2020 Color Reveal Millie CM
2020 Color Reveal Violet
2020 Color Reveal Pizzazz
2020 Color Reveal Millie II
2020 Color Reveal Daya II
2020 Color Reveal Pizzazz II
2020 Color Reveal Millie III
2020 Color Reveal Neysa
2020 Color Reveal Alec III

- MaBa Barbie
 - Sweet 16
1973 Sunshine Family Mom
1975 Sunshine Family Grandma
1975 Young Sweethearts Melinda

- MaBa Ken
1973 Sunshine Family Dad
1975 Sunshine Family Grandpa
1975 Young Sweethearts Michael 
1979 Starr Shaun

Below are some other face sculpts I want to share (we are talking Mattel dolls only here). Some are movie characters, other are celebrities, and other yet are non Barbie family dolls. Since a lot of the movie characters get "regular" Barbie/family faces they are shown within the pages above. Still, there are lots and lots of them that have their own or shared faces and I only list those I have on hand. For now.
Some of these are still under construction but the pictures are there. Anything else will come as time allows and I refrain from ever completing these.
Celebrities/Film characters Flavas, My Scene etc

BtM Barbie/Margot Robbie
BtM Ken/Ryan Gosling
BtM Ken/Ryan Gosling CM
Ben Affleck/Batman
Amy Adams/Giselle
Lucille Ball/Lucy
Fan Bingbing
Helena Bonham Carter
BTS (Korean boy band)
Billie Burke/Glinda
Carol Burnett
Captain Russell/Barbara Bain
Cruella de Vil/Glenn Close
Doris Day
Patrick Dempsey
Johnny Depp
Captain Jack Sparrow
Dhoom3 Aliya/Katrina Kaif
Dhoom3 Sahir/Aamir Khan
Doctor Who 13th/Jodie Whittaker
Wayne Gretzky
Black Widow/Scarlett Johansson
Hilary & Haylie Duff 
HG Finnick/Sam Claflin
HG Gale/Liam Hemsworth
HG Katniss/Jennifer Lawrence
HG Peeta/John Hutcherson 
M.C Hammer
Audrey Hepburn
Rock Hudson
J Lo
Jynx/Halle Berry
JP Owen/Chris Pratt
JP Claire/Bryce Dallas Howard
Grace Kelly
Erica Kane/Susan Lucci
Lindsey Lohan
Rosie O'Donnell
Ashley Olsen
Mary-Kate Olsen
Donny Osmond
Marie Osmond 
Elvis Presley
Diana Ross
Liz Taylor
Twilight Edward/Robert Pattinson
Twilight Jacob/Taylor Lautner
Ethel/Vivan Vance
WW Diana Prince/Gal Gadot
WW Hippolyta/Connie Nielsen
WW Steve Trevor/Chris Pine
WW Barbara Minerva/Kristen Wiig
X-Files Fox Mulder/Dave Duchovny
X-Files Dana Scully/Gillian Anderson

Brenda (Beverly Hills)
Brandon (Beverly Hills)
Kelly (Beverly Hills)
Dylan (Beverly Hills)
Donna (Beverly Hills)

Cher (Clueless)
Amber (Clueless)
Dionne (Clueless)

Captain Kirk (Star Trek)
Mr. Spock (Star Trek)
Lieutenant Uhura (Star Trek)

Lois Lane

Mad Men

The Wizarding World:
Harry Potter
Hermione Granger
Ron Weasley
Ginny Weasley
Professor McGonagall
Professor Dumbledore
Draco Malfoy
Cedric Diggory
Cho Chang
Luna Lovegood
Sirius Black
Severus Snape
Lord Voldemort
Bellatrix Lestrange

Disney Teens:
Troy (High School Musical)
Gabriella (High School Musical)
Sharpay (High School Musical)
Chad (High School Musical)
Ryan (High School Musical)
Hannah Montana
Mitchie (Camp Rock)
Alex Russo (WoWP)

Mrs. Which (A Wrinkle in Time)
Mrs. Who (A Wrinkle in Time)
Mrs. Whatsit (A Wrinkle in Time)

Clara (Nutcracker)

Flavas Tika
Flavas P.Bo
Flavas Happy D
Flavas Kiyoni Brown
Flavas Liam 
Flavas Tré

My Scene Boys closed mouth '03
My Scene Boys closed mouth '04
My Scene Boys open mouth
My Scene Boys molded hair I
My Scene Boys molded hair II
My Scene Girls closed mouth
My Scene Girls smiley mouth
My Scene Girls open mouth
My Scene Girls quirky smile
My Scene Fab Faces


Fashion Friends 11½
Fashion Friends 10"  

Fairytale/Movie dolls:
2006 Sunburst
2006 Glee
2006 Lumina

2007 Dori
2007 Phedra
2007 Melody

2013 Mermaid

Lady Lovelylocks

When I Read I Dream

Spectra and the Shimmerons:
Tom Comet

Girl open mouth
Girl closed mouth
Boy I
Boy II

Disney Live Action

As the Disney Live Action franchise expands, I thought I'd add a separate section for them with the cartoon-made-into-live-action movies below.

Cruella de Vil/Glenn Close
Cinderella/Lily James
Cinderella: Fairy Godmother
Cinderella: Lady Tremaine

MadHatter (Alice in Wonderland)
Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Shero/Inspiring Women

This is a series of dolls Mattel has made to show little girls that "You Can Be Anything" and we find women that somehow was first or showed the way how to lead a life the best way possible. Inspiring women. Some have their own sculpts and can be seen here, while other are part of the regular Barbie line of sculpts above. I will only show the ones I have myself as I get them. Some are "tribute" dolls, others belong to the "Inspiring Women" series. The first dolls went under the logo Sheroes and they are mostly OOAK dolls of prominent athletes, but a few were mass produced. These are just a fraction of the women released as dolls so far.

Shero (athletes) Tribute (artist etc) Inspiring Women

Gabby Douglas
Ibtihaj Muhammed
Laurie Hernandez

Vera Wang
Laverne Cox
Katherine Johnson (Mbili)
Rosa Parks (Alec)
Sally Ride (Pazette)
Ella Fitzgerald (Pazette)
Maya Angelou
Anna May Wong

WWE Superstars

Mattel tributes the World Wrestling Entertainment women with several series of well built dolls. Wonder Woman has a similar body, quite buff and muscled. This section is in no way complete, mostly to the fact I have no idea how many dolls/figures are produced in the WWE Superstar series (unlinked names are dolls I don't have). The head sculpts are gorgeous.

Sasha Banks
Brie Bella
Nikki Bella
Alexa Bliss
Eva Marie
Charlotte Flair
Alicia Fox
Becky Lynch
Ronda Rousey

I find celebrity and movie character dolls intriguing and there are many other companies that make them, besides Mattel. Still trying to figure out if I want to add them to the site or not - or just keep them in the blog(s).

The old pages with more/other celebrity dolls etc.

Other size dolls

Mattel has made a variety of bigger sized doll in the range from 16" to the My Size 3ft tall dolls. I have a few of them and I wanted to share them somehow. Gathered them all up on one page (for now).
In 2023 Mattel released a series of four new My First Barbie (and friends) dolls with a bigger sized doll, than the regular 11". They have softer "skin" and snap type bendable arms and legs. Their plastic reminds of baby dolls, with that soft texture.
Also, there are many smaller dolls, as in 2022 the EXTRA Mini dolls appeared, and in 2023, the EXTRA Mini Minis.

17" Barbie --->
Stacie (Wee 3 Friends/Star Team)
Kelly ('amazon')
Kelly (Cuddly Soft)
My First Malibu
My First Brooklyn
My First Teresa (Daya)
My First Renée (Olivia)
Mini Barbie Dolls etc


Deleted the masses of info. Will probably just add the links to the top.

Here is a section with the old sculpt by character setup. Sort of. Not finished in any way, but it's an overview of the different sculpts some of the dolls have been made with. And with that in mind, there is also a new page I have been working on a while, still debating how to set it up - all dolls on one page? The Fashionistas is a whole new chapter in the Barbie line and the diversity is gorgeously frightening. Mostly in the meaning of keeping up with them :) 

Working on another face section... :) Sneak peek. BAH. This one may not be continued...
- What I tried to accomplish here, was to get closed mouth sculpts on the same page, open and smiley mouths on one and pouty mouths on one of their own, as people seems to have trouble keeping them apart.