The Rosebud babies were a set of small toddlers with chubby legs and arms. There were three different head molds for the kids but the research made by Michael J. Augustyniak's and mine differs. They might have been made with different faces but the ones I list here are the ones I found with the sculpt I just named I, II and III. He has put them differently to each head mold (and the pictures in his book Thirty Years of Mattel Fashion Dolls of the dolls I may, or may not have, are too small to see). The II/Gold and III/Scarlet was only used with the Rosebud babies as far as I can tell so far.

The second sculpt was to my knowledge used for at least three dolls. There is one Rosebud doll I haven't seen yet, so I can't verify which head mold she was made with. The stamps differs slightly - they were hand made into the original sculpt and even if they do appear the same, upon first glance, there are subtle changes.

Rosebud II - Gold
Copyright: 1976


#9784 Rosebud - A Baby Gold Star Rose



#9787 Rosebud - A Lavender Lace Rose, 1977
- was sold with a stroller



#9879 Rosebud - A Baby White Star Rose?, 1977
- sold with a crib


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