Since hairstyles is not my forte, and especially the English names of them, I'll leave it at that, until Mattel gives their sculpts some sort of ID. I mean, Taper, Quiff, fade... If I stumble across a name for a certain cut I'll give it to the guys. A quiff can be curly, can be straight, can be just about any weird hairstyle ontop of the head. It's any way longer than the shaved sides.

This Fashionistas guy has a quiff, fade shaved sides and combed back ontop. He has an open mouth, with his teeth painted. I think he looks latino, but I am not pinning that these days. We'll wait and see what Mattel makes of this sculpt in the future. Some are so far, only used once... My first thought when I saw him, he looks like Jace in Shadowhunters (Dominic Sherwood) but with other colorings.

Fashionistas 'Ken' Quiff cut
Copyright: 2018



GDV14 Fashionistas 131 - 'New York hoodie' (Broad), c2018
Asst. DWK44


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