First time I spotted this guy I got a Laurel feeling from him. He looks like Stan Laurel :) Collectors was yet again positively suprised to see a new Asian guy. We still miss the gorgy Japan Ken sculpt, but this quite OK. Time will tell if Mattel will give him other ethnecities as well. A lot of the sculpts can be anything or anyone. Even a Barbie doll. These guys have nothing on their boxes that says they are Ken dolls. They are part of the Barbie Fashionistas line - end even get a continuous number in Barbie's line.

The first doll using this sculpt is a guy that is called Boho Hip. The hair is shaved on the sides to a V in the neck. The rest is combed up in a short ridged mohawk style.

Fashionistas Ken Asian
Copyright: 2018



FXL62 Fashionistas #115 - Boho Hip, 2018
Asst. DWK44


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