Teresa went through a change in 1990 and got her own face. This was back when you could tell when a doll was Latina or Asian or black. Teresa is the Hispanic friend - or Latina if you will. Mostly made with an olive tone to her skin. I really miss this today, as all dolls are a bland, more or less tan and you hardly can tell a black girl from a pale. Well... OK; that you might but the other racial features are totally erased. You can't really pick the Latina from the caucasian - other than by hair color. *bah* Now, stop ranting and get back to Teresa.
The first Teresa dolls with this face actually had the Steffie face on the promo shots, Rollerskating and Rappin' Rockin'. When released there was a new girl in town! Hispanic Barbie versions also got this face and one occasion of a black Barbie (that I know of).

Copyright: 1990


#2316 Hollywood Hair Teresa, 1992

#11214 Jewel 'n Glitter Teresa, 1993

#11078 Nature Teresa, 1993
Camp Fun Teresa in the US

#13201 Baywatch Teresa, 1994
European release

#14484 Songbird Teresa, 1995

#14354 Sparkle Beach Teresa, 1995
This doll also comes as brunette, and in two hair lenghts and two different hair types.

#10735 Blossom Beauty Teresa, 1996

#20530 Very Velvet Teresa, 1997

#20361 Butterfly Art Teresa, 1998

#27272 Glam'n Groom Teresa, 1999

#24618 Hawaii Teresa, 1999

#56440 Chair Flair Teresa, 2002
Everflex BBB

#B3285 Teresa as the Fairy Queen (Swan Lake), 2003

H0896 Fashion Fever Teresa, 2004


#11209 Locket Surprise Kayla, 1993
Blurry picture is due to resizing of compressed jpeg

#11209 Locket Surprise Alexia, 1993
European version of Kayla, with different earrings


Basics Model No 11

R9914 Barbie Basics Collection 001, Model No 11, 2008
Photographed through box plastic

T7745 Barbie Basics Collection 002, Model No 11, 2010



FJF44 Fashionistas 79 - Wear Your Heart (Tall), 2017

FJF54 Fashionistas 94 - Urban Camo (Curvy), 2017


Native American Indians

Dolls of the World - Native American Indian II
Photographed through box plastic

Dolls of the World - Native American Indian II
Photographed through box plastic

American Indian II
American Stories Collection

Barbie AA

In the a collection called Fashion Savvy was introduced. There was only two dolls produced in the series, with two different face sculpts. The second doll, Uptown Chic was made with the Teresa sculpt. She is a light skinned African American woman in bold colors, a purple jumpsuit and a long shawl in purple, red and orange with an orange hat. Barbie has a short flock of hair - and it keeps loosening giving her loose hair everywhere once deboxed and "be-hat-ed". She has rooted eyeslashes and a niec makeup in lavender.

Uptown Chic Barbie,
Photographed through box plastic



The Grease dolls were made with a variety of sculpts and Rizzo got the Teresa face. 

- Grease - Rizzo,


The Twilight series included Esme, the "mom" of the Cullen clan, although a younger vampire than Edward, she still is his "mom". Esme was made with the Teresa sculpt and I think it's a good fit for the actress, Elizabeth Reiser. As all the other vampires, she has a very light complexion. 

X8247 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 - Esme, 2011


I am waiting to get this girl in original. For now you get to see her as a hybrid with a body, not true to her color of skin. Doesn't really matter as it is her face I want to show. 5th Harmony is a group of five girls that was put together in X-Factor US. Lauren Jauregui was made with the Teresa sculpt. Nice comeback.

5th Harmony Lauren


The Rebelde TV series got their main characters made into dolls. They were three boys and three girls, of which one is Lupita. Maite Perroni played the role of Guadalupe "Lupita" Fernandez. The Lupita doll was made with the Teresa sculpt and a lot of people love her as this face hadn't been seen in a while. 

#N2757 Rebelde Lupita, 2008
Sold in twin pack with Giovanni

nn Clone

There have been several clones made in later years with the Teresa sculpt and I got a really nasty example. She is one of those hideous sticky legs Chinese made dolls with really bad hair. I have seen gorgeous Teresa clones, this is not one of them. Her face with makeup and all is pretty, but that's it.

# nn China clone,



Examples of other dolls made with this sculpt:
Teresa: All dolls from 1991-circa 2005
Barbie: most Hispanic versions during the same period
Dolls of the World: Italian II, Mexican II, Indian II, Puerto Rican, Argentina
Cheerleaders: University of Tennessee
Grease Rizzo

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