The Rockers/Rockstars had this cute Hispanic guy in their group. He hade dark brown hair, molded in a cool 'do. His hair was painted black with dark red/brown highlights. His name was Derek. He was part of both Rockers groups and the one I am showing here is the second. He has turqouise eyes.
The stamp in Derek's neck is impossible to read. Some of these stamps are too shallow to be read. 



#3173 Rockers/Rockstars: Hot Rockin' Derek, 1986
Second Rockers Derek



Jazzie and her friends in High School also had a guy in their midst, Dude. Dude was made with the Derek sculpt. His hair is painted in a dark brown color but his highlights are blonde.

#3637 High School Dude, 1988

Olimpico Ken

In time for the 1988 Olympic Summer Games, this guy was sold in Venezuela. He was made by Rotoplast and sported the Derek sculpt. Olimpico Ken had dark skin, and could pass for AA or Hispanic. He has brown eyes and all black hair. The overalls came in different color schemes.

Olimpico Ken, 1988
Sold in Venezuela



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