Alan is back! The Happy Family Neighborhood was a sideline with Midge, her husband Alan and their kids - and neighbors and kid friends. Alan got a new face when he appeared again after a decade's absence. Both versions of Alan, white and black, were made with the same sculpt. All dolls have rooted brown  hair, the CC slicked back and AA curly. Caucasian Alan has blue eyes, the black Alan has brown. This face has a big, toothy smile and dimples.

Copyright: 2001


#56710 Happy Family Dad & Son, Alan (& Ryan), 2002

B5753 Happy Family Neighborhood - Happy Birthday Alan (& Ryan), 2003
(Nikki's 1st birthday)
Photographed through box plastic

C5196 Happy Family Neighborhood - Hometown Fair Alan, 2004



#56711 Happy Family Dad & Son, Alan (& Ryan) AA, 2002


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All Happy Family Neighborhood Alan dolls, Cacuasian and AA

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