The new Fashionistas line of 2016 gave us only not two new face sculpts, but also three new body types. This face will be made for all types of bodies so I can't name it one or the other. The first batch of the new dolls of 2016 dolls saw this in both the Petite and Tall versions. She is a new smiley face, reminding of a mix of the new 'Teresa' sculpt and the StarDoll. The curvy doll I have seems to have another sculpt but I got it confirmed from Carlyle they are the same, so back to the drawing board and change links :)
Renee is one of the Barbie Adventures friends and she usually sports this sculpt, with long black hair and brown eyes.
With the introduction of this face in a 2022 Barbie Holiday doll, the sculpt got a name; Olivia.

Copyright: 2015


Fashionistas Tall

DMF32 Fashionistas 30, White & Pink Pizzazz (Tall), 2015

Promo photo from Mattel.


Fashionistas Petite

DPX67 Fashionistas 31, Rock'n Roll Plaid (Petite), 2015

DVX76 Fashionistas 54, Tutu Cool (Petite), 2015


Fashionistas Curvy

DTF00 Fashionistas 37, Everyday Chic (Curvy), 2015

DYY96 Fashionistas 66 - Beautiful Butterflies, 2016
Asst. FBR37


Made-to-Move Curvy

FJB19 Made-to-Move Dancer (Curvy), 2017
Asst. DVF68



FBD64 Dolphin Magic, Transforming Mermaid, 2016



 Color Reveal Mermaid, 2021


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