Johnny Depp has played "a few film roles" in his days and some of his characters have been made into dolls and/or action figures. Mattel's versions are very well made, portrait wise. Below I added a few other, non-Mattel dolls and action figures.


Mad Hatter

#T2104 Alice in Wonderland - The Mad Hatter, 2009
bought loose

Alice in Wonderland: Through The Looking Glass - The Mad Hatter
Disney Store Film Collection, Live-Action


Captain Jack
Copyright: Disney

#T7654 Jack Sparrow, 2010
The Pirates of the Carribbean, On Stranger Tides


Jack Sparrow figure from Zizzle.

#00105 At World's End - Captain Jack Sparrow, 2007
all molded hair


Tonto from Disney store.

# The Lone Ranger - Tonto,




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