Christian Louboutin designed three dolls and for this there was a new head sculpt made. Louboutin (or Lou for short) had a closed mouth and the doll had red hair and was very tanned in a reddish tone. All dolls came with Louboutin signature red sole shoes, several pairs. This face also goes by the name Glimmer, from the Glimmer of Gold Barbie. I stick to Louboutin as do many others. 

Copyright: 2009

R4486 Louboutin II - Dolly Forever, 2010

R4487 Louboutin III - Anemone, 2010


Basics Model No 14

T7737 Barbie Basics Collection 002, Model no 14, 2011

Barbie Basics Collection 002, Model no 14

T7916 Barbie Basics Collection 002.5, Model no 14, 2011

W3333 Barbie Basics Collection 003, Model no 14, 2011


Hervé Legér Barbie

X8249 Hervé Legér by Max Azria, 2013


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Barbie Basics Collection 003 Model No 14
Haunted Beauty Vampire
and surely more to come...

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