The Crystal Ken and Sun Gold Malibu Ken from 1984 had a brand new face and head sculpt. The hair is still a big afro but now it's molded, not rooted. This head was used for a lot of black Ken dolls during the 80's and also for the black Heart Family Dad.

Ken AA


#9018 Day-to-Night Ken AA, 1984


Heart Family Dad

Most of the black version Heart Family Dads was made with this sculpt.

#3769 The Heart Family - Kiss & Cuddle Dad AA, 1987
Also in a gift set with Mom and both babies, #3174

The Heart Family - Dad AA
Dressed in a Dad (& Baby) Fashion, #9597 from 1985


Some of the other sets where this face can be found:
AA Ken: Crystal, Dream Glow, Jewel Secrets, Sun Gold Malibu, Tropical and various gift sets and store specials.
AA Heart Family Dad: Dad (and Baby), Deluxe set, New Arrival, Suprise Party!, Bathtime Fun, Schooltime Fun Coach

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