Skipper grew. Again. This particular face is not the most common of the ones we seen on Skipper and yet is the one she got in her first change. Super Teen Skipper was the first to use it (have her in box somewhere up in the attic but haven't found her for a new photoshoot). This Skipper version had a soft smiley face and rooted hair that once was blonde, but turns into a yellowish tone. Blue eyes. The body used for all of these dolls are the same size as the Growing Up turned in to.
There are to my knowledge, three dolls made with this face (with a possible exception of any gift sets) and two of them are impossible to keep apart, if found nude. Both are western girls. My second doll below, might be Horse Lovin' - or Western. If the doll has bangs, she is Super Teen.

Super Teen Skipper
Copyright: 1978


#5029 Western Skipper, 1981

Western Skipper '81/Horse Lovin' Skipper '82


Other dolls with this sculpt:
Super Teen Skipper, Horse Lovin' Skipper

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