In 1988 the Island Fun Barbie gang introduced some new friends, and old friends with new looks. Christie got her new, own face with a toothy smile. Black Barbie dolls of the time was also made with this face.

Copyright: 1987



4092 Island Fun Christie, 1987

#4121 Wet'n Wild Christie, 1989

#2754 The Beat Christie, 1989

#9407 Benetton Christie, 1990
Blurry picture is due to old, scanned original

#12451 Hawaii/Tropical Splash Christie, 1994

#17715 Movin' Groovin' Christie, 1997

#18422 Twirlin' Make-Up Christie, 1997



#5948 Totally Hair Barbie AA, 1991

#18595 Fantasy Ball Barbie AA, 1997
KayBee Special Edition

#14586 Jewel Hair Mermaid Barbie AA, 1995

#16064 Flower Fun Barbie AA, 1996

13915 Teacher Barbie AA, 1995

#20534 Giggles'n Swing Barbie AA, 1998
(in a gift set with Kelly and a playground swing/slide set)

#23385 Tree Trimming Barbie AA, 1998

#3940 TRU Barbie for President AA, 1991

#12323 TRU Emerald Elegance Barbie AA, 1994
(hair straightened and rebodied)


Barbie Fashionistas

In 2018 we got a new Petite Fashionistas. Everyone screamed when she was spotted and thought she could be a new Superstar. Nopes. Of course not. Christie. Mattel has a new way of putting on the faces so these old sculpts looks really weird with their stickers.

#FJF57 Fashionistas 97 Meow Mix (Petite), 2017



The 2019 Basic doll line gave us a very light skinned, honeyblonde girl that went for crazy amounts on eBay as everyone wanted her. Eventually the doll was seen everywhere and I got one too. Too bad my doll is made in Indonesia as she has that awful pixelated face print.

#GBK95 Basic Barbie, 2018
Asst. GBK92



Barbie and the Sensations was another little 50's inspired pop group sold with a cassette tape in the box. We got to see a couple of new friends in this group and one was Belinda, the black girl. As so many of the dolls from this period Christie here, suffers from the spotty legs plague. Big greenish yellow splots all over. Her head is untouched though :) Belinda was never sold in Europe.

#4976 Sensations Belinda, 1987



Dance Club Barbie introduced two new friends and one of them was the black Devon.

#3513 Dance Club Devon, 1989


Other sets where this face can be found
Christie from 1988 to 1997.
Black Barbie dolls during that same period.
Dolls of the World: Nigerian, Jamaican, Moroccan
Cheerleader: University of Kentucky AA

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