The Fashionistas line of dolls keeps expanding. I am missing the first doll with this sculpt so I got a bit confused when I tried to pull them all together and realized this girl (Fancy in Flowers) isn't the same one as the 'Kassandra' sculpt. Both are marked 2014 but this sculpt is less African looking than the other one. Kim and Kassandra are no official names but they got stuck with the collectors to keep the sculpts apart.

Barbie, aka 'Kim'
Copyright: 2014



DGY65 Fashionistas 50 Fancy in Flowers (Original), 2015

DYY89 Fashionistas 59 Tropi-Cutie (Original), 2016

GRB63 Fashionistas 172 Hearts, 2020



FJF58 Fashionistas 98 Text Me/Future is Bright (Curvy), 2017


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