Mattel makes dolls - and Barbie dolls no less, in all sizes. We have Supersize, My Size, Best Friends Forever, My First - all bigger than the regular Barbie doll, but they also made and make tiny dolls. It started with the Rock Flowers in the 60's I guess, with a series of dolls, made of all rubber (like Tutti) but with "shrunken" heads of Steffie etc. Family Corner dolls in the 90's were next, with tiny versions of Barbie and her friends, but not called Barbie, with hard plastic bodies and moved on to the Mini Kingdom Disney Princess dolls with the same or similar bodies, before we saw any Barbie mini dolls. There was a series of Barbie doll Minis, sold separately or in sets, with tiny reproductions of older dolls, made in all molded plastic.
In 2022 a new set of dolls were seen, the EXTRA Mini Barbie dolls. And yet again, in 2023 there was a new set of miniature Barbie dolls, with the EXTRA Mini Minis. These dolls came with clothes and cute accessories, and even play sets. The EXTRA Minis and EXTRA Mini Minis have heads that reminds of the lemon head Kelly dolls. But to be true, we can go back to the Liddle Kiddles as well, as they have sculpts reminding of Tutti and/or actually her friends.

Right now, I have no idea where this page will take me, but it's a start of something new. Literally and yet not.


EXTRA Minis (HDY91)
Copyright: 2021


HGB63 EXTRA Minis Barbie, 2021


EXTRA Mini Minis (HLN45)
Copyright: 2022


HLN48 EXTRA Mini Minis Barbie, 2022



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