The Fashionistas line keeps expanding and the 2018 line has a couple of new-faced girls lined up. This face has a wide smile, sort of like Julia Roberts. 2016 really was a big year for new sculpts. We got a name for this sculpt in 2019, even most likely for the collector line; Alec.

Barbie 'smile'/Alec
Copyright: 2016



FNJ40 Fashionistas 82 Chic in Chambray, 2017
Asst. FBR37

FJF48 Fashionistas 88 Unicorn Magic, 2017
Asst. FBR37

FXL50 Fashionistas 110 - 'Sporty Shine' (Tall), c2018

FXL56 Fashionistas 123 (Tall), c2018
Asst. FBR37

GHP98 Fashionistas 128 Good Vibes Only (Athletic), 2018
Asst. FBR37
This is the first doll with a new body type, Mattel calls Athletic


Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was a Civil Rights Activist and Mattel made a doll in their series of Inspiring Women dolls to celebrate her courage.

FXD76 Rosa Parks, 2019
Inspiring Women Series


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