The year after Todd was introduced, his twin sister appeared. And it wasn't Kelly. Not even Tutti. Her name was Stacie. Stacie is, as most Roberts sisters a blonde girl, made with the same body as Todd. After a year or so she got friends, made from the same sculpt and she was made in black versions as well. Stacie had a great smile with white teeth showing - vs Todd with his closed mouth. Stacie had blonde hair, Whitney red and Janet, well being black, black or brown. You can't really tell a black Stacie from Janet if found nude, unless you have good info of face paints etc. Some are one or the other, no questions asked (like Bicyclin' and Gymnast) but some with regular Todd bodies might be harder to tell apart.



#11474 Happy Meal Stacie, 1993

#14609 Gymnast Stacie, 1995

#16734 Bicyclin' Stacie, 1996

#29337 Let's Camp! Stacie, 2000

#27954 Evening Recital Stacie, 2000

Stacie AA

Some of the sister sets was made in black versions too, and of course Stacie was part of it.

#13556 Wedding Party Stacie AA, 1994

#29836 Let's Camp! Stacie AA, 2000



One of Stacie's BFFs is Whitney, a redheaded kid, often dressed in purple colors - and wearing a pair of heart shaped purple glasses. She is of course made with the Stacie sculpt and body. Most of the play sets of Stacie, includes Whitney and Janet. 

#11476 Happy Meal Whitney, 1993
(missing her glasses)

#14610 Gymnast Whitney, 1995
(missing her glasses)


Stacie's other BFF is Janet, a black kid, sharing face and body with her friends. Whenever Whitney is included, so is Janet.

#12984 Polly Pocket Janet, 1994

#16735 Bicyclin' Janet, 1996

#22014 Bowling Party Janet, 1998


Todd as Michael

The kids in the Mary Poppins saga was released and Michael Banks - or Todd as Michael - for one, is the only male doll made with the Stacie face sculpt. He has blue eyes without lashes and brown hair. The promo pictures showed Michael to be a redhead but the released version has brown hair.

M0673 Mary Poppins - (Jane &) Michael, 2007
(bought loose and nude)


Examples of other sets where this face can be found:
Stacie: all dolls until The Dreamhouse version
Stacie AA: all versions, not too many!
Whitney: all versions
Janet: all versions
Mary Poppins: Jane

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