When I Read I Dream was a series of four story book characters, included in the Timeless Treasures line of dolls, made with the Todd/Stacie body but a new face sculpt. Sometimes this is called the Fern sculpt, sometimes it's goes by the name WIRID (When I Read, I Dream). Fern was the first of the dolls to be released. These are four of America's most loved story book girls, released into 3D play as dolls.
All four girls have a closed mouth face and all four have freckles! Their hair is rooted in different colors and 'dos. Two brilliant redheads, a golden blonde and a brunette. As the Harry Potter dolls was released, many used one of the redheads as Ginny Weasley, since she was never seen as a doll.

Copyright: 2000


#50724 Charlotte's Web - Fern, 2001



#50723 Little Women - Jo, 2001



#52900 Heidi, 2001
Dressed in a Stacie outfit



#50726 Anne of Green Gables, 2001
Wearing a Stacie outfit



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