Mattel came up with a new sculpt for the Flight of Fashion doll, that was a doll made from a voting procedure in 2020. She has similarities to the Steffi sculpt, with her pouty mouth and round face, but a rather sharp nose. Time will tell what Mattel will make of her :)
In the fall of 2023, Angel Kent caused a buzz in the Barbie world of collectors as he showed two upcoming playline mermaids with fantasy colored saran(!!!) hair. Both dolls had the Odile face, but one was made with a remade Odile sculpt with an open mouth.

Barbie Odile
Copyright: 2019 (2020?)



GNH49 Flight of Fashion, 2020
Doll belongs to and photo taken by Nancy Rittenberry Bonager Seevers



HGW73 Holiday Barbie 2022, 2021



HRR06 Mermaid, 2023


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