The sculpt of Alan's was remodeled into a shorter hairdo, still the same front and face, but the neckline was shorter. This sculpt was used off and on for several years in the 90's, parallell to the 1990 long hair Alan and some rooted hair sculpts. 

Ken/cut Alan
Copyright: 1991

#4829 Hollywood Hair Ken, 1992

#2290 Earring Magic Ken, 1992

This doll was very controversial with his lavender netted shirt and leather vest, necklace with the ring and his earring. Quite silly today but at the time he was seen as gay. The necklace was for kids to use as bracelet and the ring to attach the charms each doll came with. Nothing else...
Photographed through box plastic

#5474 Sea Holiday Ken, 1992
Photographed through box plastic


Professor Henry Higgins

#15499 Ken as Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady, 1995
Photographed through box plastic



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