This face sculpt has been named a lot but most collectors tend to go by the name Carnaval. For some reason Mattel calls it BeBe. Festivals of the World - Carnaval doll, was probably the first doll to use it. The same year, the Hispanic David's Bridal doll was released - also made with the same face. The silly happy face got dubbed "Carnaval". People love it or hate it. It's hard to be totally unmoved by it, either which way you may or may not move ;)

There are two smiley faces with the year mark of 2003, the other one being Summer.

Copyright: 2003

Davids Bridal, Hispanic 200
Doll and Photo courtesy of Felicity Kusinitz
Blurry picture is due to resizing of compressed jpeg


Barbie Basics

#R9917 Barbie Basics Collection 001 - Model No 06, 2009

#R9931 Barbie Basics, Collection 1.5, Model No 06, 2009



X8278 F.A.O. Schwartz, 2013



DYX64 TheBarbieLOOK Nighttime Glamour, 2016



GHW51 Fashionistas 135 - Vitiligo (Petite), c2019



The 12 Dancing Princesses is the largest group of dolls ever released in one chunk. Mattel has gone Ballerina Bonkers after some of these and there is always a new ballerina, or princess, or fairytale set released. Still not any way near the amount of new characters as this one. One of the 12 ballerinas was Courtney. She has auburn hair and sea blue eyes. Pink lips on that silly happy gorgeous smile :) 

#J8904 12 Dancing Princesses - Courtney, 2005

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Cheerleader: Louisiana State University

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