Mattel came up with several sets of surprise dolls and one of the series was the Color Reveal set. The first set consisted of five dolls in covered tubes. Covered was the doll inside as well. Covered in pink paint that you took off with warm water. Instructions say to use the container/tube but easiest is just to put the doll under the warm water tap. Once revealed the only thing you can do with these dolls - is of course to redress them, but also change their faces, with cold water, from a sort of naked look, with bland and rather spooky eyes, to a more colorful face and colored streaks in the otherwise one colored and rather bland colored molded pixie cut the dolls have. They have a painted body/swimsuit and come with a matching, but illfitting wig in crazy colors, a skirt and a pair of shoes.

The heads have no markings, but the bodies are marked 2019, so the heads would have the same. The heads are molded in hard plastic, probably due to the color change feature.

Barbie Color Reveal Alec
Copyright (body is marked 2019):



GMT53 Color Reveal, 2019


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