Mattel made the worst decision ever when they introduced the hobbit body to the Barbie line. Or rather, one bad decision among many, as far as collector's are concerned. With this new body several new faces was seen as well, not neccessarily a bad thing. The bad part of that was, that most heads suffer from BHS (balloon heads).
One new character was Nikki. She appeared in the Fashion Fever cardboard box series as well as in the swim suit line in 2007. She had a smiley face, reminding slightly of Asha. She was only seen in a few dolls in 2007, from 2008 she had Asha's face. 

Copyright: 2006


#K8386 Beach Glam Nikki, 2006

Beach Glam Nikki
bought nude

Fashion Fever Nikki


Barbie AA

Easy for Me 1-2-3 Barbie AA



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