In the mid sixties the Roberts family grew to the double as the twins, Tutti and Todd was introduced (no parents though!). Two tiny kids made from an all rubbery, one-piece molded body with steel wires inside for articulation. Tutti and Todd shared face and they were really cute. Tutti had blue eyes and Todd's were brown. Tutti had hair in all shades possible, blonde, brown and tititan and Todd was mostly brownhaired but also a redhead - rooted! The hair is not rooted all over the scalp so when it gets messy - it is really messy. A bit hard to tame (for me that is).
Tutti and Todd had a serene smile, no teeth showing. Cute as they come with rosy and pinchable cheeks.
No markings found on these - or marked inside the rim with



#3350 Tutti, 1965

Sundae Treat Tutti, 1965

Sundae Treat Tutti, 1965

#8128 Tutti
European 1970's release



European 1970's issue

Sundae Treat Todd, 1965


The black girl, Nan from the Pretty Pairs was made with the Tutti sculpt

#1134 Pretty Pairs - Nan ('n Fran)



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