Late in 2016 the first dolls from the 2017 Fashionistas line turned up at Amazon. Two brand new boy sculpts saw the day of light and collectors went delirious with happiness. One of the guys was black and had a new face and molded hairdo with "shaved" sides and a high afro ontop of the head. Since hairstyles is not my forte, and especially the English names of them, I'll leave it at that, until Mattel gives their sculpts some sort of ID. I mean, Taper, Quiff, fade...
In 2021 we saw a Big City: Big Dreams Gift Set, with a Petite Teresa, Rafa and Daisy and the male doll Rafa, has this sculpt.

Fashionistas Ken AA/Rafa
Copyright: 2016


Fashionistas Ken

DWK46 Fashionistas #5 - Hip Hoodie Ken, 2016
Asst. DWK44


Fashionistas Ken

HBW23 Fashionistas 183, 2021
Asst. DWK44


GXF28 Big City Big Dreams Gift Set (Rafa), 20xx
(Photo: Mattel)

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