The Harley gift set Ken was given a new sculpt and it has been used for several collector Ken dolls since. It is one of the most handsome sculpts made for Ken. WHat is has not been used fore is Edward as his sculpt may be very much alike this, but he has another profile.

Harley II
Copyright: 2009



Harley Ken. This guy is so awesome it's hard to even begin describing him. He was sold in a Gift Set with Barbie (an Aphrodite doll for a change) and he has a male pivotal body - ea articulated Male Model (Muse). He has a tattoo on one of his arms. His hair is rooted blonde to those incredible icey blue eyes. 

R9911 Harley Davidson Ken, 2010
Photographed through box plastic



Jasper from Twilight also was made with the Harley sculpt. His eyes have a more reddish tone to them, showing his harder-to-resist-human-blood thoughts and cravings and he has golden hair in huge curly locks.

Y5190 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 - Jasper, 2012


Basics Model No 15

And the second best doll, in my opinion is the Basics Model No 15. One of three boys, released, sadly enough in the Jeans Collection only, Model No 15 is a handsome brunet with gorgeous brown eyes. This guy hangs out with me next to my computer. Just have to have him close. Who can resist that look?

T7749 Barbie Basics, Collection 002, Model No 15, 2010

Moschino Ken

Mattel and Moschino surprised all with a gift set with Barbie and Ken. Collectors was upset about the Barbie doll, but the overall look is awesome.

 DRW81 Moschino Ken, 2016


BMR1959 was released in 2019 to celebrate the modern Barbie. One of the dolls was this male (Ken) doll with flocked sides and manbun.

GHT93 BMR1959, 2019


Dia de Muertos

Most of the collector community buzzed wide and high when Mattel announced that Ken was to join the Dia de Muertos series of dolls. After two Barbie dolls, the third got accompanied by Ken (although the box doesn't state his name). What I wouldn't give to see this dude without his Mexican death mask. I adore him as he is, but that dark latino skin would be awesome on a separate doll in his daily attire. His hands looks lighter than the rest of him. Kind of strange but not unheard of.

GXL26 Dia de Muertos (Ken), 2020


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