2019 was a new for the "Ken" dolls. These guys have nothing on the boxes that says they are Ken dolls. They are part of the Barbie Fashionistas line - and even get a continuous number in Barbie's setup. Same goes all over the doll lines, with Chelsea, Skipper and now Stacie. The guys are totally anonymous.
We saw the light of a new black dude. The first one sporting this brand new sculpt of 2018 is a Broad doll. He is clean shaven in the neck and sides and have a curly mane of dreads ontop of his head.

Fashionistas Ken AA Dreads
Copyright: 2018


Fashionistas Ken


FXL61 Fashionistas #114 - Preppy Floral (Broad), 2018
Asst. DWK44


Fashionistas Ken

GHW69 Fashionistas 153 - (Broad), 2019
Asst. DWK44



GRB44 60 Years of Ken - 1985 Rocker Derek, 2020
Asst. GRB41


Fashionistas Ken

HRH23 Fashionistas 220 - orange swirls, hearing aid, 2023
Asst. DGWK44


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