In 2010 Barbie moved. Her Malibu house was changed to a Dreamhouse and she got her own web series. All the siblings went through a major change. Skipper got a new body and a brand new face - and she is a brunette! The blonde girl is gone. They all have dark brown hair rooted in a straight hairdo with colored streaks in blue, pink or purple. This finally changed in  2015, when the Doggy Adventure Skipper came with hair in different brown and blonde shades. No other colors! She has a closed mouth Mona Lisa-kind-of smile. Her eyes are mostly lavender. Suddenly she is alone - all the friends seems to have moved out. Now, all her adventures are made with her sisters.
In 2015 the Fashionistas series of Barbie dolls got two dolls with the Skipper sculpt. She can be all grown up!

Dreamhouse Skipper
Copyright: 2010

#W3283 Skipper (at Home), 2011

#X9056 Skipper (at the Fair), 2012

Skipper at the Fair, 2012

X9057 Bike for Two Skipper, 2012
Gift set with Chelsea

CLF98 Skipper in The Great Doggy Adventure, 2014
(photographed through box plastic)



The L.A. Girl has been crazily sought after the summer of 2015. Eventually she turned up everywhere.

# Fashionistas, L.A. Girl, 2014

#DMF26 Fashionistas 24, Crazy for Coral (Petite
), 2015

#FJF53 Fashionistas 93, Living Lace (Petite), 2017

GRB94 Fashionistas 166, Wheelchair AA (MtM), 2020



Cat Burglar

The Cat Burglar from Spy Squad was made using this sculpt.
(yah, her glasses are fixed like that. Need to cut off the dam* plastic needles to angle them straight).

DHF18 Spy Squad -Cat Burglar, 2015


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All the Dreamhouse Skipper dolls
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A variety of adventure/action dolls connected to Barbie DVDs.

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