Skipper got a new friend in the first year of the seventies as Fluff made an entrance on her skateboard (well, released in 1971). Fluff had en entirely new face with 'pinchable' cheecks and a totally adorable closed mouth smile. She had two blonde pigtails and rooted lashes over her brown eyes. There is just something about blonde hair and brown eyes. Only two dolls were made with this head and the second was Tiff, yet another shortlived friend of Skipper's. She is still on my wishlist and I was thiiiiis close (showing visually behind the keyboard) of getting one. If I had said I want her, she would probably be mine but I was gentle and said, well if she's not buying her, I will.... Stupid. Finally. My wait is over and I have a cute Tiff on my hands (as of Dec '16). LOVE her :)

Copyright: 1969


#1143 Living Fluff, 1970



#1199 Pose'n Play Tiff, 1971

Pose'n Play Tiff
Doll photo from old site, courtesy of Rebecca Chulew
Blurry picture is due to resizing of compressed jpeg



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