Starr's friend Tracy was a sporty girl with a crazy smile. A huuuge crazy white smile. Say Cheese anyone? Toothpaste adverts. In Sweden we had a saying involving the name of a toothpate when people smiled this big, showing teeth. Anyway. Her cheese smile set aside, Tracy shared body with Starr and had rooted, dark brown hair to her bright blue eyes.

Copyright: 1979

#1282 Tracy, 1979
Starr's friend in Springfield High School



High School Chelsie was one of Jazzie's friends and she was made with the Tracy head sculpt. Chelsie was a cute redhead with bright green eyes. Her smile is not painted as huge as Tracy's. She has been "downpaitned" so the lips are painted where the teeth are, giving her a kind of weird look.

#3698 High School Chelsie, 1988



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