Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus is one of all the Barbie Princess DVDs made. In this movie we meet Prince Aidan. He has rooted brown hair with a middle part and bright blue eyes. He was made with the gymnast body.
High School Musical Ryan also had this face, even if the stamps differs slightly. Can hardly read that as a "4".

Prince Aidan
Copyright: 2004


G8403 Prince Aidan, 2005

Prince Aidan



I recently learned that this guy has the same sculpt as Aidan above. Or at least share his face :) The stamp differs as can se above. That is nothing new though. The Steffie face for one, has several different stamps. Ryan's lips are painted differently than Prince Aidan's so the likeness is not immediate but the nose is the same.

High School Musical 3 - Summertime Ryan



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