The Rosebud baby head got a remake in the mid nineties when Teacher Barbie was released. I can't for my life understand why the boys got molded hair, all of a sudden. The girls still had long hair in all versions. Now, I don't remember if there were any Asian kids released but there was a Caucasian, a Hispanic and an AA set of kids. These came assorted in the boxes, a white, latina or black Teacher Barbie with a girl and a boy in different skin tones or the same. At the time Mattel still had mail order so you could order for a set of kids or other missing parts, and friends of mine helped me get the full set (besides the Asian if there ever were any). The same sculpt was used for all the versions of the boys.

Rosebud, molded hair
Copyright: 1995

# Teacher Barbie, student boy

# Teacher Barbie, student boy Hispanic

# Teacher Barbie, student boy AA

# Teacher Barbie, student boy Asian




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