In 2017 a new line of Ken dolls was revealed. Like Barbie Ken went through a transformation and was given new body types, Broad and Slim, but also with a new "Original" body. He also was seen with a variety of new face/head sculpts. One of the new sculpts was this black one with tiny braids all over, cornrows. Same style as part of the Zig & Zag Barbie's 'do. He has big lips, like the Flavas Tré doll but less pronounced. Now, if the Mattel factories could manage to give him a faceup without spilled color strings etc, I'd be a very happy girl.

Fashionistas Ken AA Cornrows
Copyright: 2016


Fashionistas Ken

I am so sad over his overshaved cheeks. He looks like he has overdone it and has gotten the scars to prove it. I really hope not all dolls looks like this one. OK, they actually don't.

FNH42 Fashionistas #10 - Classic Cool, c2016
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GDV13 Fashionistas 130 (Slim), c2018
Asst. DWK44


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