This head used with Kelly sized dolls for a short period of time (2006-2008) is a blownup Happy Family Nikki head, with baby like features, but with rooted hair instead of Nikki's molded. In profile, the nose is hardly visible and the mouth is slightly pouty. These kids don't have a name and were boxed up with a shortie/hobbit Barbie doll, in the I Can Be... series. 
I tried to take a photo in profile to show them together, Nikki and this kid, but it's hard to get them in the right angle.

'Kelly'/NN - baby face
Copyright: 2003


K8626 Barbie I Can Be... Cake Baker, 2007
Doll bought second hand



M3475 Barbie I Can Be... Ballet Teacher, 2007
Doll bought second hand


Other sets with this head:
I Can Be...:
Art Teacher, Ballet/Dance Teacher AA

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