Kelly/Shelly (Chelsea) - series

In the horrible year of 2020, I really began the work of redoing the Kelly pages on my site. This has been something I have wanted to do for a long time, and with my go-to-site down for an unseen time into the future, I just dived into the task of taking new photos of my entire Kelly Kollektion (as Kelly Kollektors would say). This began in March of 2020 and has been an ongoing task ever since. The constant hunt for photos and information of dolls I don't have myself has been, and still is (as of Jan 2021) a time consuming job at hand, but as this is info I'd like to have myself, I try to gather as much as I possibly can for you to have ONE go-to-site for anything you may want to ever know. Or two, with the blog for more photos :)  picclick/eBay and other photo collecting/pinning sites have provided a lot of photos of dolls and sets I don't have myself, or that Erica King doesn't have, so I need to apologize as I can't for my life keep track of which seller had them. A lot of the dolls and sets are long gone, so the info just isn't there anymore, but I have put a disclaimer on those photos. I never take credit of photos that are not my own.
When it comes to Chelsea, I am not sure what the future will hold, in regard to these actual pages. As Chelsea has not set root in my heart, I find that part a bit tideous and not at all as heartwarming as working with Kelly and friends.

  • I am combining the Kattis Dolls site with my (Swedish) blog, and more photos of the dolls is seen there, as I have done a whole lot more work in the blog so far (Feb 2021).

  • If you rather would like to see the dolls listed by year (not neccessarily chronological) go here.

  • Kelly dolls by face/hair (looking for a brunette or blonde or AA in particular, etc?)

  • The old Kelly pages of the site, with klones and other small dolls can be found here.

A short note - as much as the doll boxes are dusted every once in a while, some of it has found its way into the boxes and the dolls are sprinkled with tiny dust flecks and some of the AA dolls have that weird fall out thing going with their plastics. It's not at all visible to the eye, but the camera is ruthless and catches every little flaw. Doesn't effect the overall view and the colorings etc is the main point, not any tiny shimmery dots here and there :)

© Dolls and photos all belong to me, unless otherwise noted.



I have a lot of these sets below, but not all, and it is not complete in any way, but I want to try to get as close as I can get in listing Kelly/Shelly doll sets, so if you see any missing sets, please let me know in some way! Through Facebook would be easiest for those who knows me there.
Links will come as I get the time to edit photos and upload the pages. Links back to this page will be found at the bottom of each page.

Disclaimer: Some of the later years are sad and not covered as I would want, but I have been browsing the Internet and vaccuuming Picclick/eBay/ Worthpoint etc to find photos just to be able to show off anything, those photos are unmarked, and mostly shown in the blog, rather than here. I am not taking credit for any of them.

Years listed are the copyright years on the boxes (release date is usually the year after):


Kelly sets:

Kelly/Shelly, Bedtime! - Cute Baby Sister of Barbie!, 12489
Kelly, Bedtime! AA - Baby Sister of Barbie!, 13256
Bathtime Fun Shelly/Kelly, 14552
Bathtime Fun Kelly AA, 14553
Potty Training Kelly/Shelly, 16066
Potty Training Kelly AA, 16067
Pool Fun Kelly/Shelly, 17052
Pool Fun Marisa, 17053
Pool Fun Chelsie, 17054
Pool Fun Kelly AA, 17589
Eatin' Fun Kelly/Shelly, 18582
Eatin' Fun Kelly AA, 18596
Kelly & Ginger, 19810
Power Wheels Kelly/Shelly & Tommy, 17817
Power Wheels Kelly & Tommy AA, 18718
Power Wheels Tommy & Kelly (Target), 21524
Shelly & Pony/Kelly & Baby Pony, 20346
Tiny Steps Kelly AA, 22227
Tiny Steps Shelly/Kelly, 22226
Shelly & Thirsty Pony, 22881
Pet Lovin' Puppy Twins and Kelly, 27282
Super Slide Kelly/Shelly, 24645
Super Slide Kelly AA, 24749
Love'n Care Kelly/Shelly, 27039
Love'n Care Kelly AA, 29243
Pretty Kitty Kelly, 50306
Cowgirl Kelly & Pony (Toys'r Us), 50733
Cowgirl Kelly & Pony AA (Toys'r Us), 50734
Kelly Dress-Up Friends (Toys'r Us), 54244
Kelly Dress-Up Friends AA (Toys'r Us), 54245
Mermaid Fun Kelly, 52885
Mermaid Fun Kelly AA, 52886
Bouncy Fun Castle Shelly, 56972
Jumpin' Fun Castle Kelly, 56972
Jumpin' Fun Castle Kelly AA, 56973
Tea for Three (Toys'r Us), B0782
Tea for Three AA (Toys'r Us), B0783
Tiny Steps Kelly (KB Toys), B2823
Tinkle Time Kelly AA, H0215*
Tinkle Time Shelly, G8042, Asst. H4358*
Tooth Time Kelly, G8373*
Tooth Time Kelly AA, H0220
Check-Up Time Kelly, J0603, Asst. H4358
Check-Up Time Kelly AA, J0604, Asst H4359
Flower Girl, blonde, L0027
Flower Girl, AA, L0028
Flower Girl, redhead, L0054
Pink is for Girls! (Target), P4409

Let's Play!, Asst. H0216, H0825 (AA)
Beach Time!, Asst. H0216, H0525 (AA)
Dress-Up Time, Asst. H0216(?)
Park Time, Asst. J0605, J4790 (AA)
Pony Time, Asst. J0605, J4790 (AA)

Kelly Collector:

Storybook Favorites I, Raggedy Anne & Andy, 24639
Storybook Favorites II, Hansel & Gretel, 28535
Storybook Favorites III, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, 29605
Storybook Favorites IV, Little Red Riding Hood, 52899
The Wizard of Oz, Asst. 25823
The Wizard of Oz, B2516
The Wizard of Oz, B8951
Kelly & Tommy as Alice & The Mad Hatter, 57577
Tommy & Kelly dressed as Mickey & Minnie, 55502
Tommy & Kelly as SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star, H1701
Grease 30 Years, Kelly and Tommy Giftset, N2688, Asst. N8155
Batman & Catwoman, Kelly and Tommy Gift Set, N2689, Asst. N8155
I Love Lucy Kelly Dolls, Ep 147 Lucy Get a Paris Gown, N2690, Asst. N8155
I Love Lucy Kelly Dolls, Ep 89 Lucy is Envious, R4519
The Flintstones, Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm, M1210
Charlie's Angels Kelly Giftset, N6583
Tommy as Elvis, B3465
Kelly Nostalgic Favorites Giftset, B5729
Kelly Gay Parisienne, C3552
David's Bridal - Perfect Pair Tommy and Kelly, H7548
David's Bridal - Perfect Pair Tommy and Kelly AA, H8152
David's Bridal - Perfect Pair Tommy and Kelly Hispanic, H8153
Kelly Friends of the World (Toys'r Us), 54863
Kelly Friends of the World Europe, G8063
Kelly Friends of the World Europe, H6903

Sweetsville Playsets:

Sweetsville Soda Shoppe & Kelly/Shelly, B5737
Sweetsville Cake Shoppe & Becky, B5738
Sweetsville Candy Shoppe & Keeya, C2231
Sweetsville Ice Cream Cruiser & Belinda/Deidre, C0589

Barbie/Ken etc with a kid:

Strollin' Fun Barbie & Kelly/Shelly, 13742
Strollin' Fun Barbie & Kelly AA, 13743
Travelin' Sisters, Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, Kelly, 14073
Travelin' Sisters, Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, Kelly (Japan), 14073
Winter Holiday Barbie, Stacie, Kelly, 15645
Shoppin' Fun Barbie & Kelly/Shelly, 15756
Shoppin' Fun Barbie & Kelly AA, 15757
Birthday Fun Kelly Gift Set (Toys 'r Us), 15610
Big Brother Ken & Baby Brother Tommy, 17055
Big Brother Ken & Baby Brother Tommy AA, 17588
Gardening Fun Barbie & Kelly, 17242
Ballet Recital Barbie & Shelly/Kelly, 18187
Ballet Recital Barbie & Kelly AA, 21388
Dentist Barbie, 17255/17980 (EU), 17478 (AA), 17707 (Hisp)
Dr Ken & Little Patient Tommy, 18898
Dr Ken & Little Patient Tommy AA, 18899
Li'l Zoo Pals, 19625
Giggles'n Swing Barbie & Kelly/Shelly, 20333
Giggles'n Swing Barbie & Kelly AA, 20534
Swim Buddies Ken & Tommy, 26323
Bedtime Stories Barbie & Kelly (Toys'r Us), 29426
Bedtime Stories Barbie & Kelly AA (Toys'r Us), 29427
Children's Doctor Barbie & Kelly, 29461
Children's Doctor Barbie & Kelly AA, 29462
Children's Doctor Barbie & Kelly Hispanic, 52893
Children's Doctor Barbie & Kelly Asian, 50488
Evening Recital Gift Set, Barbie, Stacie, Kelly & Tommy, 27954
Victorian Holiday Barbie & Kelly, 28395
Skiing Vacation, Barbie, Stacie, Kelly, 29347
Skiing Vacation, Barbie, Stacie, Kelly AA, 29348
Art Teacher Barbie & Kelly/Shelly, 56004
Art Teacher Barbie & Kelly AA, 56005
Art Teacher Barbie & Kelly Hispanic, 56006
Art Teacher Barbie & Kelly, Asian, 56007
Fun Treats Barbie & Kelly, 55578
Fun Treats Barbie & Kelly AA, 55579
Let's Camp, Barbie, Stacie, Kelly (Toys'r Us), 29337
Let's Camp, Barbie, Stacie, Kelly AA (Toys'r Us), 29386
Mother Goose Storytime Barbie & Kelly (Toys'r Us), 53143
Mother Goose Storytime Barbie & Kelly AA (Toys'r Us), 56144
Sleepover Girls Barbie & Kelly (Wal*Mart), B0973
Sleepover Girls Barbie & Kelly AA (Wal*Mart), B0974
Bed Light Magic Barbie & Kelly/Shelly, B2248
Bed Light Magic Barbie & Kelly AA,
Hawaiian Vacation Barbie & Kelly, B2712
Hawaiian Vacation Barbie & Kelly AA, B2713
Sea Splashin' Barbie & Kelly, B2770
Sea Splashin' Barbie & Kelly AA, B2771
Camping Family Stacie and Kelly/Shelly,, P6712, Asst. P6711
Every Girl's Dream - Groom and Ring Bearer, L3830
Glitter Princess Sisters, pink (Europe),
Glitter Princess Sisters, green (Europe),

Disney World Resort Vacation, Barbie, Kelly, Ken, Tommy, 20221
GAP Barbie & Kelly Gift Set, 18547
GAP Barbie & Kelly Gift Set AA, 18548
March of Dimes, Walk America Barbie & Kelly (Kmart), 20843
March of Dimes, Walk America Barbie & Kelly AA (Kmart), 20844
Pilot Barbie & Traveling Kelly & Tommy + Airplane (Sam's), 22970
McDonald's Fun Time Barbie and Kelly, 29395
McDonald's Fun Time Barbie and Kelly AA, 29396
Glamour Camper, 4 dolls included, P3599
Barbie Luv-Me 3: Vet Center (Kohl's), N1867

Tommy & Kelly Love to Learn with Teacher Barbie (Canada), 28371
Barbie and Kelly travels from LA to Japan (Japan), J7926
Barbie Fashion Boutique (Australia), 52815
Barbie & Kelly - Season's Special (India), 43095

Easter Egg Hunt Barbie & Kelly, 19014
Easter Bunny Fun Barbie & Kelly Gift Set (Target), 21720
Easter Egg Party Barbie & Kelly, 25790
Easter Egg Party Barbie & Kelly (AA), 25791
Easter Garden Hunt Barbie & Kelly (Target), 29328
Easter Garden Hunt Barbie & Kelly AA (Target), 29329

Happy Halloween Barbie & Kelly, 17238
Happy Halloween Barbie & Kelly brunette, Dream Halloween, 17238
Halloween Fun Barbie & Kelly (Target), 23460
Halloween Fun Barbie & Kelly AA (Target), 23461
Halloween Fun Li'l Friends (Target), 23796

Holiday Sisters Barbie, Stacie, Kelly, 19809
Holiday Sisters Barbie, Stacie, Kelly, 23617
Holiday Singing Sisters Barbie, Stacie, Kelly, 26260
Holiday Singing Sisters Barbie, Stacie, Kelly AA, 26261
Barbie and Kelly - Pink Holiday, P9341

Happy Family Alan & Ryan, 56710
Happy Family Alan & Ryan AA, 56711
Happy Family Alan & Ryan, Nikki's Birthday, B5753
Happy Family Alan & Ryan, Nikki's Birthday AA, B5754
Happy Family Neighborhood - Hometown Fair, C5196
Happy Family Neighborhood - Hometown Fair AA, C7535 
Happy Family Neighbors (Sounds Like Home, Smart House), G8562

Princess and the Pauper: Anneliese and Julian Wedding Giftset, H3459
Princess and the Pauper: Royal Wedding Gift Set, G3694 
Princess and the Pauper: Princess Gift Set, H3890
The Magic of Pegasus, Princess Annika and Kelly Cloud Princess,
The Magic of Pegasus: Rayla the Cloud Queen and Kelly Cloud Princess
The Island Princess: Luciana together with Friends (Kohl's),
The 12 Dancing Princesses: Genevieve and Lacey (Kohl's), J8929
The 12 Dancing Princesses Special Gift Set (Isla/Hadley/Kathleen), J8939
A Christmas Carol: Eden Starling & the 3 Christmas Spirits, N7096

I Can Be... Ballet Teacher, K8627, (AA)
I Can Be... Art Teacher,
I Can Be... Cake Baker, K8626, Asst. K8625
I Can Be... Football Coach (Eu) / Soccer Coach (US), L9444, Asst. L9442
I Can Be... Swim Teacher (Eu) / Swim Instructor (US), M1463, Asst. L9442
I Can Be... Preschool Teacher*, N7647
I Can Be... Teacher, 
I Can Be... Bride, T3841

Disney: Let's Swim! Ariel & Merbaby Sandy, 18929


Matching Fashions Barbie & Kelly, ballet class (Philippines), 15129-9990
Matching Fashions Barbie & Kelly, school girls (Philippines), 15129-9991
Matching Fashions Barbie & Kelly, shoppin' fun (Philippines), 15129-9992
Matching Fashions Barbie & Kelly, birthday party (Philippines), 15129-
Matching Fashions Barbie & Kelly, pink dresses (Philippines), 64537
Matching Fashions Barbie & Kelly, school girls (Philippines), 64537
Matching Fashions Barbie & Kelly, party (Philippines), 64537
Matching Fashions Barbie & Kelly, flowers (Philippines), 64537
Wedding Barbie & Kelly, pink (Philippines), 87004-9990
Wedding Barbie & Kelly, purple (Philippines), 87004-9991
Wedding Barbie & Kelly, yellow (Philippines), 87004-9992
Wedding Barbie & Kelly, apricot (Philippines), 87004-9993

Li'l Friends/Kelly Club single box:

Li'l Friends of Kelly/Shelly, Asst. 14906
Li'l Friends of Kelly/Shelly, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Li'l Friends of Kelly/Shelly, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Li'l Friends of Kelly/Shelly, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Adventures with Li'l Friends of Kelly/Shelly, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Adventures with Li'l Friends of Kelly/Shelly, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Adventures with Li'l Friends of Kelly/Shelly, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Kelly/Shelly Club, Grown-Up Play, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Kelly/Shelly Club, Summer Sports & Play, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Kelly/Shelly Club, Castle, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Kelly/Shelly Club - Spring/Summer Fun, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Kelly/Shelly Club - Sport/Play, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Kelly/Shelly Club - Amusement Park, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Kelly/Shelly Club - Circus Theme, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Kelly/Shelly Club - Party!, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Kelly/Shelly Club - Lots of Secrets Clubhouse!, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Kelly/Shelly Club - Career Day!, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Kelly/Shelly Club - Garden!, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Kelly Club, All Grown Up, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Kelly Club, Play Time!, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Kelly Club, Dream Club, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Kelly Club, Seasons, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Kelly Club, Pet Pals, Asst. 16058, 17324 (AA)
Kelly/Shelly, Sun Fun, Asst. C3670, C3671 (AA)
Kelly Sweetsville (lemon heads), Asst. C3670
Kelly/Shelly Club - Pajama Fun, Asst. G8845
Kelly/Shelly Club - Sunny Day, Asst. G8845
Kelly Fruitastic!, Asst. C3670
Kelly/Shelly - Pet Fun, Asst. J1715
Kelly/Shelly Club - Splash!, Asst, J1715
Kelly/Shelly Club - Career (Art), Asst. G8845 (G7628)
Kelly/Shelly Club - Birthday Party, Asst. G8845
Shelly/Kelly PJ Party, Asst. J1715
Kelly/Shelly Ballet Lessons, Asst. J1715
Kelly/Shelly Birthday Party, Asst. J1715
Shelly/Kelly Sunflower Park, Asst. L4374
Kelly/Shelly School, Asst. M6747
Kelly/Shelly Sports,
Shelly/Kelly Career, Asst N8229
Shelly/Kelly Career, Asst. R4237

'Bunch' sets:

Kelly Club 5 Birthday Bunch, J0620, Asst. J5918
Kelly Club 5 Playground Bunch, J3693, Asst. J4293
Kelly Club 5 Holiday Bunch, J3694
Kelly Club 5 School Bunch, J5916, Asst. J5918
Kelly Club 5 Ballet Bunch, J5917, Asst. J5918
Kelly PJ Party Bunch, J9109, Asst. J9108
Kelly Holiday Party Bunch, J9110, Asst. J9108
Kelly Tea Party Bunch, K8545, Asst. K8544
Kelly Sports Bunch, K8546, Asst. K8544

Kelly I Can Be.... Sports kids, L8566, Asst. L8565
Kelly I Can Be.... Professions, L8567 (Kelly Konvention?)
Kelly Pet Party, L6053, Asst. L6052
Shelly Pet Party,
Kelly Picnic Friends, L6054, Asst L6052
Kelly Picnic Friends,

European releases:

Pony Riding Shelly (EU), 19881
Pony Riding Shelly (EU), 23767
Li'l Friends of Shelly (EU)
Shelly Club (EU), Asst. 21637
Shelly & Thirsty Pony, 22881
Shelly Club (EU), Asst. 21637
Shelly, La Sorelina di Barbie (Italy), 19837
Shelly Giochi di Primavera (Italy), 55574
Shelly e il Cucciolo (Italy), B1318
Shelly Fiori di Primavera (Italy), B6406
Shelly Tenera Amica (Italy)


Valentine Friends (Target), 27911
Valentine Friends AA (Target), 27913
My Li'l Valentine (Target), Asst. 55420
Li'l Heart, Asst. B1074
Valentine Darlings (LH), Asst. B6470
Hearts & Kisses, Asst H0277
Hugs & Hearts, Asst. H7678
Li'l Cupid, Asst. K9158
Luv Buzz, Asst. M3466
Mini Luv Goddess, Asst. N8174

Kelly Easterrific!, Asst 28571
Kelly Club - Easter Eggie (Target), Asst. 52807
Fluffy Tail,
Cute as a Bunny, Asst. 55521
Easter Garden (Target), Asst. B1069
Easter Tweets (LH), Asst. B1799
Hoppy Springy (LH), Asst. B6475
Easter Party, Asst. G8873
Easter Sweetie, Asst. C4481
Spring Cutie, Asst. H7673
Easter Party, Asst. K9162
Easter Tutu Fun, Asst. M3470
Easter Sweetie (Target), Asst. N8178

Happy Thanksgiving, Asst B9211

Halloween Party (Target), Asst. 28304
Halloween Party (Target), Asst. 29820
Halloween Party (Target), Asst. 56746
Halloween Party (Target), Asst. B3125
Halloween Party (Target), Asst. B5485
Halloween Party (Target), Asst. G8874
Halloween Party (Target), Asst. J0643
Halloween Party, Asst. K9179
Kelly Trick or Treat, Asst. M3519
Merry Monsters (Target), Asst. P5902

Kelly Club - I'm an Ornament too!, Asst. 53924, 52897 (AA)
Kelly Club - I'm an Ornament too!, Asst. 55908, 55675 (AA)
Kelly Club - I'm an Ornament too!, Asst. 55908
I'm a Tree Ornament!, Asst. G2894
Holiday Party, Asst. H7238
Holiday Party, Asst. J1715
Happy Holidays!, Asst. K7660
Happy Holidays!, Asst. K9185
Happy Holidays!, Asst. M3525
Holiday Kelly (Target), Asst. P5903


The Nutcracker, Asst. 50682, Asst. 53450 (AA)
The Nutcracker Special Collectable Set (3-pack), 53486, 53456 (AA)
Rapunzel, Asst. 55762, Asst. 55993 (AA)
Swan Lake, Asst. B2834, B3037 (AA)
Swan Lake Special Collectible Set (3-pack), L3122
Fairytale Collection, Asst. C0914 (Shelly)
Princess Collection, Asst. G4782
Princess and the Pauper, Asst. C4948
Princess Collection Tea Party, G8381, G8382
Fantasy Tales Tea Party AA, G8385
Princess Collection Cinderella, Asst. H9649
Royal/Enchanted Princesses, Asst. J0999
Rapunzel's Wedding (3-pack), J0003
Rapunzel's Wedding, Asst. J1018
Shelly Princesses, Asst. L8528
Princesses at the Masquerade Ball!,
Adorable Little Princesses, Asst. K8510
Princesses at the Masquerade Ball!, M3445
Princesses (with pets), Asst. N5026
Sea Pixies, Asst. L6902
Spinning Ballerinas, Asst. L5057


Kelly Dream Club, Video Giftset (VHS), B0302
Kelly Dream Club, Video Giftset AA (VHS), B0303
Kelly Dream Club, Video Giftset (DVD), B2147
Sweetsville Video Gift Set, B7693
Flintstones, Asst. C3697
Scooby Doo, Asst. C3124
The Wizard of Oz - Munchkins, Asst. 25823
The Wizard of Oz, Kelly and Friends, B2516
The Wizard of Oz, Kelly as Glinda and the WWotW, B8951
The Wizard of Oz, Munchkins, K9413
The Wizard of Oz, Lullaby Munchkin, L1292
The Magic of Pegasus, Cloud Princess and Pony, Asst. G8405, G8406 (AA)
The Magic of Pegasus, Kelly Cloud Princess Gift Set (with 2 mini pegasuses),
The Island Princess, Asst. K8109
The Island Princess Swing & Twirl Tika, K8118
The Island Princess 3-pack, K9242
The 12 Dancing Princesses, Asst. J8893, J8897 (AA)
The Diamond Castle, Asst. M0797
Mini Musketeers, Asst. N8022,
A Christmas Carol: Christmas Spirit, Asst. P8942
A Christmas Carol (The 3 Christmas Spirits), N7540

Special Occasion:

Kelly Club, Birthday Party, Asst. 55703
Kelly Club, Birthday Party, Asst. 55703
Happy Birthday Tea Party, Asst. C3695
Happy Birthday Tea Party LH, Asst. C3695
Kelly Birthday Party, Asst. J1715
It's My Birthday, Asst. M6084

Kelly & Tommy Soccer, 22963
Olympic Winter Games Salt Lake, Asst 52968, 52969 (AA)
Barnum's Animals Crackers, Asst. 56337
Color - Crayons (Wal*Mart), Asst. B8108
Red, White & Cute, Asst. B2995
Kelly Gay Parisienne, C3552


Kelly (India)
Kelly (India)
Kelly in India, P6873
Barbie in India: Barbie & Kelly Gift Pack,
Colours of India Series: Chelsea in India (Kelly original sculpts),

Kelly (Philippines), Asst. 64791
Goldilocks Kelly (Philippines), 48154
Kelly Fruit Collection (Philippines)

Kelly (Japan), K4133, K4134 

Toddler sets (Skipper Babysitters INC):


* different ©-years

Kelly & friends/Toddlers headsculpts:

This section is not complete in any way, not even with the head sculpts used for Kelly sized dolls. There are some missing of the newer Barbie career/Skipper Babysitter dolls.

Also, added a few pages with closeups of dolls (Kelly and friends only), separated into hair- or skin color for a 'Quick ID' (in the works/coming):

  • Kelly blonde hair

  • Kelly brown hair

  • Kelly red hair

  • Kelly black hair

  • Kelly AA

  • Boys


Kelly bottle mouth

Kelly teeth
used for boys and girls

Kelly closed mouth
used for boys and girls/So in Style

Mayor Munchkin

Kelly revised bottle mouth

Kelly Dimples

Kelly Lemon Head
used for boys and girls

Kelly wide grin
(Photo courtesy of Jessica Schöngruber)

NN Baby Face

Sea Pixies/Kenzie
- -

Kelly smile

Kelly cheeks/Miranda

Kelly flat face/Kayla

I Can Be-kids with Kelly body

Ponytail with bow

Bun in neck
(Photo courtesy of Jaclyn Meyer)

Bob cut, smile

Low pigtails

High Poufball tails

Top bun


Boy AA