Kelly I Can Be... Sports kids 2007

Some call these sets Bunch as a residue from the older Kelly 5 Bunch sets. Doesn't say so on the boxes, but it's a quick way to tell which set is talked about.
This set is part of the I Can Be... series, most likely because it's an every day thing going on. School's out for summer and the kids are "playing their favorite sports". There a few series these days. Dreamclub isn't a thing yet in 2007/2008 (it came with Chelsea a few years later), but you have the princesses, the every day-ers, basic dolls and Fashionistas. For Kelly and her friends there aren't that many to put them in.
Anyway. Sports kids, you have Kayla with her rollerblades, Miranda that has won a trophy in her purple belt-whatever-Asian-sport-she is doing (there are a few to choose from and I guess you can pick whichever suits you best), Kelly plays tennis and Tommy is a swim champ with a medal hanging around his neck.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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Kelly: I Can Be... Sports kids, 2007
L8566, Asst. No. L8565










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