Li'l Friends of Kelly/Shelly 1995

Kelly/Shelly got three new friends the year after she burst into the Barbie family of dolls. The first three friends were Chelsie, Becky and Melody/Susie. The name changes occured when some of the dolls crossed the Atlantic and arrived to Europe and Melody became Susie.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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Li'l Friends of Kelly/Shelly, 1995
Asst. No. 14906



14852 Li'l Friends of Kelly/Shelly - Chelsie, c1995



14853 Li'l Friends of Kelly/Shelly - Becky, c1995



14854 Li'l Friends of Kelly - Melody, c1995
Europe: Li'l Friends of Shelly - Susie


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