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I'm totally in love with Kelly/Shelly and her adorable little friends, but that is tough living here since our local toy-store doesn't get nearly all the dolls released in USA. And of course - NEVER any AA dolls. Correction:
As of August 2001 I have seen the first black kid in our pink isles. And a TOMMY nevertheless!
In December of 2003 a big change occured in the playline of Kelly dolls when she got a "New Cute Look" aka Lemonhead. There is nothing cute in that look to my eyes. Some like them some don't and I am one of the later category. I have made a page (link at bottom of the table) to compare these with original Kelly, or rather Tommy dolls..

My dolls are not for sale. They are just show offs from my personal collection - otherwise noted.

Some of these pages takes a while to load...

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Page 2: Loose dolls. Kelly/Shelly & Tommy in different skin tones. 6 photos
Page 3: Kelly/Shelly in her boxes from the beginning in 1995. 17 thumbs
Page 4: European/International issues of Shelly. 3 photos
Page 5: European/International Li'l Friends 1999. 3 photos
Page 6: European/International Li'l Friends 2000. 3 photos
Page 7: European/International Li'l Friends 2001. 3 photos
Page 8: Foreign issues of Kelly - Indian here. 9 photos
Page 9: Foreign issues of Kelly - Philippine here.  10 photos
Page 10: Foreign releases of Kelly/Shelly. Italian.  1 photo
Page 11: Dentist patients 5 photos
Page 12: Kelly/Shelly Gift Sets with pets etc. 8 thumbs 
Page 13: Gift Sets with Kelly/Shelly & Barbie. 18 thumbs
Page 14: Gift Sets with Kelly/Shelly, Barbie, Ken, Tommy... 12 thumbs
Page 15: Target Gift Sets with Kelly/Shelly. 10 thumbs
Page 16: Gift Sets with Kelly/Shelly and another kid. 9 thumbs
Page 17: Gift Sets with Ken & Tommy, Alan & Ryan or similar 6 thumbs
Page 18: Storybook Favorites and other cartoons 9 thumbs
Page 19: Collector Editions2003 forward. 5 thumbs
Page 20: Pool Fun Kelly and friends. 3 thumbs
Page 21: Foreign Gift Sets with Kelly & Barbie. 7 thumbs
Page 22: Kelly/Shelly Gift Sets or alone. 3 thumbs
Page 23: Friends of the World 3 photos
Page 24: "Non" Shelly/Kelly dolls (no Kelly name on box) 7 thumbs
Page 25: Kelly Club 5 (aka "Kelly Bunch") 4 small pics
Friends: Meet all the Li'l Friends, each with his/her own page. links
Series: All the narrow boxes, divided into release years and series. links
Playing Just what it is, a page with my li'l play dolls. Their new IDs. 95 thumbs
Lemon Compare of "Lemon Heads" vs original Kelly. 3 photos
Amazon The bigger 6" Kelly/Shelly and friend (and Stacie). 2 photos
Cuddly Cuddly Soft Kelly/Shelly and Jenny. 1 photo

Here are some pics of Kelly compared to other baby dolls. Nude pics to really show the differences/similarities.
Click here to see some other knockoff-dolls.


The three Li'l molds featured by Shelly (formulabottle), Becky (teeth) and Julie (closed mouth)...


Start Copycats/knockoffs of our darling  2 photos
Susy Sister The Susy doll's baby sister in box-photos, same features as Kelly  7 photos
Paula Not a true copycat. A very cute kid, blonde or auburn haired. 5 photos
Mandy A true Kelly-'klone'.  6 photos
Vicky & Mike Made with the same body mold as Kelly. 4 thumbs
Caitlin .... coming (ever??).... A true Kelly-'klone'.  ---
World Kids 24 li'l dollies dresses in Folk Costumes from all over the world.  24 thumbs
World Kids Second version World Kids, in blister packs for Target.  7 thumbs
Li'l Kidz 6x3 Li'l Kidz Of the World 6 thumbs
Evi Evi by Simba, Children of the World 4 photos
Licca Licca Kindergarten by Takara 8 photos
Disney P Disney Princesses 5 photos
LDD Minis Living Dead Dolls - Mini. A collection all on their scaring own. 5 photos

Other fun things involving the li'l ones:
World Touring
Show & Play Room

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