Here I will show you the swaps or other trades I've made or will make 
as well as OOAKs I have traded for or purchased. 

The first official KellyKlub SWAP 1999 - Free choice: Holiday/Fantasy/Fairytales.
The doll I received from Sheila: The Li'l Mermaid Trina.

My second, private SWAP with Shelly Norrick 1999 - SnowWhite.
The doll I received from Shelly: Arista, the Li'l Warrior Centaur.

The second official SWAP on KellyKlub, Valentine 2000 - Valen-Tina
The doll I received from Loanne.

The Easter-SWAP 2002 on KellyKlub - Easter Ella. 
The doll Wendy sent me.

KellyKlub Holiday SWAP 2000 - Trick or Treat: Leopard Leila & Wizard Willie.  
Becky's SWAP for me.

Valentine SWAP 2001 - Li'l Miss Valentine 
Gwyn's li'l Kat

Easter/Spring sock-SWAP 2001 - Ma Cherie Soleil
Georgie's doll for me: Angelique 

Recycle SWAP 2001 - TwinkieLina. 
The doll Cheryl made - Recycling Rachelle 

Kolor/FlowerSWAP 2001 - Cecile 
The doll from Tina - Autumn Rose 

Private SWAP with Carolyn - Li'l Iris 
Carolyn's "doll" for me - a KUUTE teddybear

KellyKlub Fall Ball Swap 2001 - Stella Polaris
Angie's doll for me - Broom-Hilda 

LFoK's Beaded Fall Ball swap 2001
The Golden Girl Carolyn made me

 KellyKlub Siblings swap 2002 - Teddy & Tina
Margie's lovely set of siblings for me - Charlotte, Jason & Ali

KellyKlub Halloween swap 2002 - Sweet Horrinda
What Rhonda sent me - Kittie Kat 

Kelly4ever Holiday Swap: Dreaming of Santa - Eva
Helga's doll for me


Trading accessories is a fun thing. Carolyn came up with this neat idea and put me up with her on the first one. No rules except the things can't be from any Kelly-sets or Fashionpacks. Her big sister's sets are OK otherwise the fantasy makes the rules and the skies the limits.  We talked about an amount of 5 dollar but most of us spent more than that. Some made their own and some bought their things. The main thing is to have FUN!

In the first one I got hooked up with Carolyn herself.

In the second SWAP, Marsha and I traded toys.

Group-SWAP, April 2001.

Xmas Tree SWAP, 2001

On one of my Yahoo-groups we made a SWAP with selfdecorated Xmas-trees for the kids. 
Here are the trees Georgie and I swapped


On one of my Barbie-YahooGroups we do this trading, just Out of Kindness.
You send something to someone just because...

Here is the set of clothes I sent to DJ and Rebecca as a RAK (Random Act of Kindness).

OOAK, Artist dolls

One-of-a-Kind-dolls and other Artist dolls that I have bought or traded for. Also loose fashions :-)

In the making....

 This is my kitchen table...
Stuffed with fabrics and threads, needles and gift wrap, nekkid and half-dressed dolls..
The hawkeyed viewer can see the dress for Sheila's Chelsie in the middle...


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