Accessory-SWAP 2

The things I sent off to Marsha. This is what they are:
~ A green plastig trunk with animalprint on the seethrough part. 
~ A green TV-set with a Japanese cartoon (a pensharpener)
~ A skateboard with Ying Yang-print (keychain)
~ A basketballgame (pensharpener and eraser-holder) - the one Sigrid is playing with. 
~ A "windblower" or pinwheel... ;-)
~ A small car (keychain)
~ A netbag of glassballs
~ A Hit-the-hole-with-a-ball-in-same-color-game.


And this is what I got from Marsha - a huuuge toychest of real wood, stuffed with things. I will post better pictures later as I get my photos developed and scanned. The contents of the chest is:
A Tomas Tank train, a toaster, cokecans and bottle, a sodacan with a plastic glass, two cups with saucers in porcelain, a Dr's bag, a pink suitcase, one oldlogo recordplayer, a cashregister, a mini Dream Furniture-box, a yellow camera, wooden plate with fruits, some kringles, a perfumebottle (Chenel no 6), a vintage How to Knit-book and some other small items. 
Click here too get to another page with descriptions and bigger pictures


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