The Facemolds - by the mold...

I've done some thinking and wanted to concentrate a section of my site to the different molds. As I said when I started this site I didn't know how to proceed on the facemolds, if I were to go by name of doll or by facemold. It went by names. Now I want to do this section from the molds instead, but still keep the name parts intact.

I won't show every mold variation for the faces either - as I still don't have them all and probably never will have, but I will tell if a special mold have had any alterations for some reason and try to tell which dolls might have that particular gimmick or whatever the diversion might be. OK?

Another thing about this is that some of the friends of Skipper's for instance (male only), have been using one mold for one doll (name) and never again and those I haven't bothered putting here either. They can all be seen at the Faces-pages under each name. Go here for the startpage: Faces by Name.  Yet SOME of the one-name-only ones can be seen in this section...

Feel free to send me an E-mail at this address: katti at Any thoughts and ideas are welcome.

Work is going VERY slowly on this page, so bare with me... I will have it done - any year now....

11" female dolls
1958 Original Barbie 1958 Midge 1965 Stacey
1965 Christie 1966 Twist'n TurnTM 1971 Steffie
1976 SuperStarTM 1978 Italian 1980 Oriental
1983 Spanish 1985 Diva 1987 Christie
1990 Teresa 1991 Mackie 1991 Teen TalkTM
1998 Generation GirlTM*1 1998 Angel/Goddess  
1990 ShaniTM 1990 NichelleTM 1990 AshaTM
1998 GG Tori / Chelsie 1998 GG Ana / Lara 2000 Kayla / Lea 
2001 Barbie AA    
12" male dolls - besides all that only Ken and Allan have had. Those you'll find in the Face section.
1968 Brad 1977 Ken 1985 DerekTM
1987 Steven 1990 Alan 1991 JamalTM
1991/1997 JamalTM    
Skipper and friends - besides her friends that have their OWN molds. You find them here.
1963 1987 1993
1995 1969 Fluff  
The cousins and friends
1965 Francie 1966 Casey  
1979 StarrKelley/Jazzie 1979 StarrTracey/Chelsie  
Stacie and friends
Todd Stacie  
Toddlers of all sizes - but the tiniest that you find here.
Tutti Chris 2002 Kelly IV - dimple mold
1994 Kelly I - bottle mouth 1994 Kelly II - molded teeth 1994 Kelly III - closed mouth

*1 Generation Girl Barbie

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