1994 Kelly III molded teeth Head Mold

Pony Riding Shelly I
Kelly's second face has molded teeth, some visible, others hardly noticeable. Here you can see them as they are painted white.

This is a European version of Pony Riding Kelly, called Shelly here and this particular doll is sitting on a cardboard horse.

Marking in the neck:

1994 Mattel Inc


Eatin' Fun Kelly AA
Kelly of course can be seen in an AA version of (almost) all the white ones.

This is Eatin' Fun Kelly from 1998 - her teeth are not painted white. You can see there is a slit in the neck which is another gimmick on the Kellies - this girl turns her head towards or away from her spoon.


Chelsie was one of three friends in 1996. She shares the teeth face with Kelly.

Chelsie has dark red hair, greenish eyes and freckles.


Susie / Melody
Susie/Melody (Europe/USA) was another of the three first friends of Shelly/Kelly's.

Melody is a honeyblonde girl with teal eyes.

This is the second issue, from 1997.


Becky is the third of the first bunch of friends. This girl was sold only during the first year and then sadly disappeared. She was a sweet girl with her light complexion, brown eyes and that lovely high curly ponytail.


Marisa is a new friend from 1996. Becky disappeared but Kelly got three new friends and Marisa was one of them.

Marisa is the Hispanic girl in the new group with olive skin, olivegreen/brown eyes and brown straight hair.


Tommy was released in the Li'l Friends group in 1997 and got a new look. He also was made with the toothy smile.


Tommy AA
Tommy in AA is never seen in the Li'l Friends boxes. This is Li'l patient Tommy as he came with his big brother Dr Ken in 1998.

He is lovely with his rooted afro and cute toothy smile.

This Li'l guy can look very different from box to box, due to the amount of rooted hair.

From 2001 AA Tommy has been sold in the Christmas Ornament series.


Kayla was a new friend again, in 1999 she joined the growing group of Li'l Friends.

This particular girl is a European version where she comes with a white vanity in the box.


Keeya is a new AA girl, here dressed for Kwanzaa from 1999.

She can have a curly afro or a straight hairdo. Her skin is light and she is a very cute li'l girl.


Maria is a new Hispanic friend. This one is dressed as Flower Girl in 1999.

Brown hair and olive eyes.


Nia is another AA girl and so lovely in her puffball pigtails. She is pretty much like Marisa and Maria, only AA. A little different tone of her skin, same light tone as Keeya above.

Nia has got brown hair and olive eyes.


Deidre got a new face in this version - DressUp Deidre has the same dress as Kayla above, but no Deidres in Europe.

Deidre have been made mostly with the closed mouth mold (next page).

This girl has dark brown/black hair and brown eyes.


Jenny also have been given a new look. In the Target Halloween Li'l Friends Gift Set in 1999 she got this toothy smile.


Tamika got a new face mold her second year too. Lemonade Stand Tamika also had teeth.


Liana is a new friend from 2000. This girl is part of the new Kelly Club and like to play Golf. She reminds a lot of Melody in her honeyblonde mane.


Lorena is another new, very redheaded friend from 2000 and member of the Kelly Club. She likes to play Tennis along with her friend Desiree below.


Desiree is a new AA Kelly Club-friend from 2000. She has the same light skin-color as Nia and Keeya. She plays Tennis with Lorena above.


Nikki is Kellys newest friend from 2000. She is a cute blondie with green eyes. 


The second boy is Ryan. Finally, in 2001 Tommy got a friend to play boyish games with! 


Clown Belinda released in 2002 also got the smiley face. 


Happy Family Ryan. 

Difference between the first Ryan and Happy Family Ryan who is son of Midge and Alan is that this new kid has blue eyes and no freckles.


Happy Family Ryan AA. 

The AA version of Happy Family Ryan had a lovely shortcut afro. Made closeup photography real hard as there was millions of tiny cut hairs in his face ;-).


Merbaby Sandy from The Little Mermaid Let's Swim! set. 

A golden haired girl with a long braid in yellow, orange and pink. She came in a gift set with Ariel, the Little Mermaid. Sandy has got fair skin and very bright pink lips. Officially not a Kelly doll but made with the same molds.


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