Doll faces in the Wonderful WorldTM of Barbie

I'm a "face-o-holic" and am trying to collect all the different dolls in Barbie's world with their differences in the facemolds and that's a challenge living in this part of the world, and especially in this part of our country. Sweden don't get nearly all the stuff that is to be found in the US and up here we get even less. Black dolls have been very scarce over the years except for the bathing suit line Christie dolls. There is just not a market for all the beautiful ethnic versions or even all friends - little ol' Me don't count!

Barbie and friends have had a lot of facemold changes through the years gone by since 1959. Some molds have been used more frequently than others and been shared by a lot of friends while one is used for only one doll in the Barbie line. Since a few years back there has been an explosion in new facemolds and for that we are truly grateful. It's very confusing to be a collector if you want to know who the doll is you found at a flea market if she for instance have the Steffie face. That is the mostly used face of all and one a lot of people loves very much!

As I started collecting I realized there weren't any good sources to find what I wanted, a book or something where you could see all the faces of Barbie and her friends. I knew there were many since I owned a bunch of Barbie dolls with at least three different faces. I also knew that Skipper and Ken had gone through some changes over the years. Not until 1996 I found what I had wanted all that time: Marcie Melillo's wonderful "The Ultimate Barbie Doll Book". That book is GREAT and I just love it! My kids said that when it arrived in the mail to me: "mom, you're in love with that book!" Yes I am. It's been a great help to me and I've learned a lot and it gave me the inspiration to share this page with you all. I just wish there could come a similar book for all dolls released after 1995 too...
When I thought of doing this page I wondered how I should go along with it, if I should go by the face mold or the doll that used it, so I figured it had to be a mix. I have two sections in this area, this one that shows the different faces of each doll and another that concentrates on each mold.
See an
Index here: Faces by Mold.
Since I don't have every different doll (and seldom the first doll that used a particular face mold), the list is not complete, but I share what I have in differences.
Hope you will enjoy and perhaps learn something from it. 

2007 update.
<sheesh> I have been away from the doll circus for too long. I am having a hard time naming new sculpts as well as recognizing eventual old ones... I really need a heads-up (!!) on my sculpt history!

Go here for body mold compares.

The photos and dolls are all part of my collection unless otherwise stated.
Some of the pages might take a while to load...

Barbie Ethnic Barbie 1; Page2 Caucasian friends 1; Page 2 Generation Girls and other
Christie Black friends Ethnic friends  
Friends 5, 12DP Misc Fashion Fever ShaniTM & friends Heart & Happy Family

Becky - our favorite portrait photographer!

Ken Ethnic Ken Friends Princes
Cousins Francie & Jazzie with friends Skipper Friends
Stacie & friends Other Mattel dolls Tutti & friends
Kelly / Shelly Tommy and other boys Li'l FriendsTM 1: Page 2: Page 3
Other Tiny Toddlers    
Disney etc, 1: female, 2: male, 3: masks   Other Dolls (not just faces)

If you click here you will read a sight on Mattel dolls' names and faces...

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