Barbie's® girlfriends

In the year of 1961 Barbie wasn't alone anymore when Ken appeared to the scene, but somehow that was not so much fun. There should be a girlfriend to share all the secrets with, all the girls' stuff that a boyfriend just isn't good for.

Midge was the first girl that came to Willows High and became Barbie's best friend in 1963. Happiness! She stayed there for a few years but in 1967 she decided to move for some reason. She has been replaced (and found again) many times since then with girls and guys from all over the world.

I've divided this page in 2 and added a third with Barbie's vintage friends on page 1, her friends of the 80's and later on page 2 and the Generation Girls™ on page 3.

Page 1 (this one): Midge®, P.J.®, Stacey®, Jamie®, Steffie®, Kelley®.
Page 2: Tracy®, Diva®, Whitney®, Bopsy®, Kayla®, Tara Lynn®, Becky®, Melody®, Summer®
Page 3: Generation Girls™; Nichelle©, Lara©, Ana©, Chelsie©, Tori©, Mari© & Blaine©, Mystery Squad™; Kenzie©, Dawn© & Shawnee©, My Scene™; Barbie©, Madison© & Shawnee©      


Freckled or not freckled Midge had the same bodymold as Barbie so they could share wardrobe. She came in three hair colors: blonde, brunette or titian. There also was a head with molded hair and three wigs, just like the Fashion Queen Barbie but with totally different hairstyles than her. Wigs Wardrobe Midge only sold as a head with the wigs so you needed an extra body for her.

One interesting fact is that the original Midge headmold has the same year marks as Barbie, 1958. She must have been thought of then - or was she meant for Barbie from the beginning? I can't remember seeing anything written about that anywhere but it's a fascinating thought.

As we all know she vanished in the late 60's but in 1988 she came back on rollerblades to sunny California accompanied by Christie and a new friend - Teresa. Midge had a whole new look and have been staying by Barbie's side occasionally since then.

In 1990 Midge got yet another look and hooked up with her old boyfriend: Alan who did not only change his appearance but shortened his name too. They got married in 1991, wonder if something happened on their honey-moon since he was never seen afterwards? (Until 2002)

A prototype picture was shown in the booklets in 1991 for a new release the next year with Midge and Alan in two sets with a baby twin each. It's sad those sets never made it to the shelves - would have been great I think. You've actually never seen a mother and baby in the World of Barbie*. Mostly the kids are nieces and nephews or plain "Li'l Friends".

*I don't count the Heart Family as close friends to Barbie, but I guess they could have lived in the same town.

In 2002 this changed! Midge became a Mommy! Alan and she have a 3 year old son, Ryan and Midge is expecting a baby! And to that Midge and Alan also came in AA versions!

In 1999 two girlfriends shared facemold with Barbie - the beautiful Mackie face. A different Midge doll appeared in the US with gorgeous red hair and that closed mouth. Florida (Vacation) Midge is the first Midge doll since the 60's to be sold in her bathing suit and with straight arms. The only exception is the California Midge who had both straight arms and a bathing suit under her blouse and skirt, but Midge has never been part of the actual bathing suit series before. Midge has been part of that line for a few years now but rumors says she soon will be discontinued**

**Guess another rumor not becoming true as Midge is back as a Mommy in her own series in 2002: Happy Family. 

SL Midge 1964

Midge original headmold
Head markings 1958

Midge's Wig Wardrobe was just a head based on the original Midge face mold but with molded hair instead.

Molded Midge headmold
Markings xxx

California Dream Midge was the first Midge for years and she was made with a "new" face. For her that is.

Steffie headmold
Markings 1971


Dance Moves Midge was only sold in Europe.

Diva headmold
Markings 1985


Florida Midge
Florida (Vacation) Midge

Mackie headmold
Markings 1991


  An oddity for this page... The first black Midge came in 2002 as Happy Family Midge, an expecting Mom. She was made with Teen Skipper's face mold.

Check her out here:



Soon after Midge moved out a new girl moved in and took not only her place, but her face too! P.J. talked and twisted her way into Barbie's ring of friends and stayed for a long time. She had brown eyes and rooted eyelashes. When she appeared in the Sun Set Malibu series she got a new look with blue eyes and a suntan. She was a girl that couldn't decide which color she wanted of her hair and changed from one year to the next. Blonde or brunette, she's gorgeous in any hair color.

1969 Twist 'n Turn P.J.

Midge head mold
Markings 1958

Malibu P.J. from the Sun Set-series in the 70's.

Steffie Headmold
Markings 1971




The year was 1968 and Barbie could talk! This year two new girls joined to the group of friends, black Christie and Stacey, a blonde or redheaded girl with a British accent. She came to stay for a few years talking and twisting with Barbie and the rest of the gang.
Titian 1968 Talking Stacey head on a regular tnt body

Head markings 1965



Sear's Exclusive Walking Jamie is the only friend that have been used with this headmold. She was a girl with three colors of her hair, same as Barbie, in blonde, titian and brunette but what determined her from Barbie was her brown eyes.
Titian Walking Jamie

Barbie tnt head
Head markings 1966




Steffie was a friend that appeared for a year and then disappeared again. She is the first doll with this beautiful face that later have been adopted by most of the girlfriends in one way or the other and by Barbie herself in different skin tones.
Steffie came in three different styles, all with one or more gimmick.

The first one was Busy Steffie, a brunette girl with blue eyes and hands that could take a grip of things included, like a radio or a telephone.

The second was a blue eyed girl with blonde curly hair: Talking Busy Steffie (link to a pic of one of Rebecca Chulew's dolls). She also had a lot of accessories with her.

The third one was Walk Lively Steffie (link leads to Rebecca Chulew's doll) and she could of course as the name says walk. You put Steffie on a special walking stand with wheels and when the stand was pushed, two holders ontop moved to and forth making Steffie move her legs, arms and head like she was strolling down the road.

Walk Lively Steffie - she finally moved in here :-)


Steffie headmold
Markings 1971



Kelley was a redheaded girl that was around for a couple of years in the mid'70s. She had Quick Curls and went to Yellowstone National Park along with her friend Newport Barbie© in the Sport set-series.
Quick Curl Kelley from 1974. She may look very pinkish but she actually HAS a pink tone to her "skin". 

Steffie Headmold
Markings 1971


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