Friends of Ken®

The first guy that made friends with Ken was Allan who also became the boyfriend and even later the husband of Midge. He then had shortened his name to Alan.
Allan went to Willows High School for a few years but moved in 1966 - same as Midge. Perhaps they went together to explore the world. However, Alan made his return in 1991 in the biggest Gift Set ever made: Wedding Day Midge. The 6 dolls were also sold separately. Well not quite, the Ring bearer Todd and Flower girl Kelly was sold as a two-doll set at Toys 'R Us.

After Allan moved out the first time two black guys came to stay for a while. Brad, that was said to be Christie's boyfriend came the year after Ken had been revamped and was part of the Talking-bunch in the late 60's - early 70's. He was the first African American male friend of Barbie and Ken's.

Curtis next, was boyfriend to a new girl in town - Cara, and they swinged their tennis rackets on the court. He toured the tennis- and golf courts for one year in 1975.

Next guy was another short lived friend - Todd. He invited Barbie and Ken to his wedding to the beautiful bride Tracy in 1983. This couple were the first ones to actually get married, despite all the wedding gowns through the years. They are all part of Barbie's dream of wedding the Prince of her Dreams.

Derek was never a true friend of Ken's, but rather a contrahent. This was a guy probably with Hispanic ancestors that accompanied Barbie as a member of The Rockers. Ken was so jealous of him, that he decided to grab his guitar and go on tour with them the next year!

A couple of guys are also included here that technically are not friends of Ken's but use the same body  molds as he does so I decided to add them here too. They are part of the Generation Girl line; Blaine and Jazzie line of friends; Dude.

Finally* a new black friend joined the gang in 1988 and he is the one to have stayed put the longest of them all, always in the bathing suit line of dolls. Steven was first introduced in the Island Fun series and had a new fresh look. Ten+ years later he got a new handsome face - the one Jamal had introduced in 1992.
In 2002 he was also sold in Sweden!! This is the first black guy seen here ever! (as far as I know - can't tell about the dolls from the '70s). Same story as with black Barbie, no black Kens in Europe so he was sold as Steven instead and of course boyfriend to a Christie doll and not a black Spot Scene Barbie as she was sold in USA.

2002 also gave Alan a way back into the Pink World. Happy Family Alan was part of just that, a big happy family that grew bigger as his wife Midge was expecting a second child, a sister to their son Ryan. Alan had a totally new sculpted face and also came in a black version.

* You'll never know what the future has to offer...

Caucasian** friends

1964 SL Allan with his "teenish" face. This guy have lost some of the color in his bangs, but he still got that mischievous look.

No markings on the head

This is Alan as he looked the day he came back, now to marry Midge. He's a really good looking guy with his brown hair and hazel eyes.

Head marked 1990

In 2002 Alan returned with his son in a new mold quite similar to the Frank Sinatra mold.

Happy Family Alan.

HF Alan facemold
Marked 2001


Todd (Groom) shares face with SuperStar Ken.

1977 Ken or
SuperStar headmold

Doll belongs to Carin Rönnholm

This cute guy reminds me of my sister's ex boyfriend.

Hot Rockin' Fun Derek (second issue).

Head marked 1985

**I don't know if Derek is to be considered
Caucasian or Hispanic...


Bobby BiBops is a European guy...

1986 Ken or
Rocker Head mold



Other 12" male dolls

This guys is a friend of Barbie's cousin Jazzie but
still a 12" guy...

High School Dude

Derek headmold
Marked 1985


Not technically a friend of Ken's but a male doll :-)

Generation Girl Blaine

Blaine headmold
Head markings 1999


Happy Family Neighbor dad


Marked ?

Doll and picture belongs to Felicity


Fashion Fever Kurt

Kurt headmold
Marked 2001



African American friends

1970 Bendable Legs Brad here dressed in #1431 Guruvy Formal

Head marked 1968

Free Moving Curtis from 1975

Brad headmold
Marked 1968

Doll belongs to Anna-Lena Jönis

Steven was the first black male doll since the early '70s.

This is Glitter Beach Steven.

Head marked 1987

Splash'n Color Steven
Jamal was first with this good looking face and in 1997 Steven got it.

Splash 'n Color Steven. This series was called Miami in Europe, but Steven has never been sold here.

Jamal headmold
Marked 1991

Concert Date Steven was sold in Europe and was otherwise the same doll as the US released CD Ken. This is a revised Jamal-mold. 

Rooted Jamal headmold
Marked 1991-97 


Alan came in an AA version too using the same mold as his caucasian counterpart and with a rooted short cut.

Happy Family Alan AA.

HF Alan facemold
Marked 2001


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