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On this section I would like to share some bits 'n pieces of funny things, like book reviews, my sight on the names in the World of Pink and other stuff. Click the links below.

Page 1 - the strange use of names in the Pink World...
Page 2 - takes you to a page of my book reviews.
Page 3 - more books, pattern books here.
Page 4 - Wahlströms Barbieböcker from 1965-66.
Page 5 - Paper doll books (sub domain link)


This is a most strange product we had in Sweden in 1999, a CD with "Barbie" singing some well known hits translated to Swedish. I can't say I like this one, but the cover is cute...

In 2000 there was a second Audio-CD released, pic to the right... 


This I just have to show you! Can you see it's a cake? We had this café in Kiruna called Kaffehäxan where you could order cakes in all shapes for kids' birthday parties. 
This was on display in the window, and is of course not really for real, 
but the topping of Marzipan is! Sorry to say they had to close down in 2001.


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