Ethnic Ken-dolls

Ken in an ethnic version mostly means black. There has also been a couple versions of a Hispanic Ken doll.

The first ethnic Ken ever made was a guy with rooted hair in an afro style. He was part of the Sunsational Malibu line of dolls in 1982 (box marked 1981). This really good looking guy was sold for one year only, the next year Ken got a different look with molded hair instead. His hair was molded a bit high like the fashions were of that time.

In 1988 a new face was appearing as Steven was introduced in the circle of friends. The African American Ken doll did also get this newly sculpted head with a lower line on the hair. The three first Ken dolls with the Steven face had a moustache painted.

Ken got yet another look in 1997 when he borrowed the mold from Jamal, Shani's boyfriend from the early '90s. This is the far most good looking of the African American male headmolds I think!

In the 80's a black/dark skinned Hispanic Ken doll was released in Venezuela with the Derek-face. He's a hunk and VERY difficult to locate today. He was produced for the 1988 Olympics under license by a South American company.

The Hispanic headmold has been used for a few dolls in the mid 80's. The Hispanic Sun Gold Malibu Ken from 1984 was one and another was the Hawaiian Ken released the same year.

What we never have seen is an Asian guy. Why is that? Wouldn't it be great to have an Asian male doll to match the Kira/Marina dolls? And of course we would love to get this Hispanic guy back!

Sunsational Malibu Ken with his rooted hair in a real afro style.

He looks just like a classmate of mine in second grade, only he was white...

Blk rooted headmold
Marked 1981

Day-to-Night Ken from 1985 was the third doll produced with this face.

Blk molded headmold
Marked 1983

Gift Giving Ken was the first Ken with this face.

He brought a perfume bottle with him as a gift for Perfume Pretty Barbie.

Steven headmold
Marked 1987

Olimpico Ken from Venezuela was made from the Derek headmold.

Marked 1985

This good looking guy came in a set with his new Baby Brother Tommy.

1997 Big Brother Ken

Jamal headmold
Marked 1991


AA Concert Date Ken was made with a
cool short rooted hairdo. Actually the first
doll since Sunsational Malibu above to
have rooted hair (along with the 40th Anniversary Ken released the same year - 2001). This is a revised Jamal mold. 

Rooted Jamal headmold
Marked 1991-97 


Hawaiian Ken from 1972 was the first ethnic Ken ever released. He is also th eonly doll with this mold with brown eyes and black hair.

1968 Ken mold
or The Edwardian face


The 1984 Hawaiian Ken had the same face as the Hispanic Malibu-doll.

Hispanic headmold
Marked 1983



Tango Ken had yet another new face mold, along with a few other Ken dolls during 2002.

Head marked 200x





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