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This green eyed brunette beauty made a short appearance in the World of Barbie. In the year of 1983 Tracy invited Barbie to her big day. The before unknown couple Tracy and Todd were to be married! They must have gone lost on their honeymoon since they were never heard from again.
Tracy Bride 1983

Steffie headmold
Markings 1971



Barbie put together a rock band in the late 80's called The Rockers (Barbie & The Rockstars in Europe). She had met three new girls with different musical talents. One of them was Diva, a redheaded girl with spectacular makeup. They toured for two years and even rocked their way to the moon!

Diva had an all new face with a closed Mona Lisa kind-of-smile. The first Diva doll had a wild hairstyle and heavy makeup, and all The Rockers wore lamé clothes in lots of colors. On their second tour they had a less wild look and milder makeup. The Real Dance Action dolls moved their arms if you twisted their waist.


Dancing Rockstar Diva from the second issue. In the US they (the girls) were called Real Dance Action Rockers.

Diva headmold
Marked 1985



This is one of the most beautiful dolls ever made, and of course she has the Steffie headmold, and it is my absolute favorite face along with the Mackie Closed Mouth. This brunette gal made her appearance in 1987 as Jewel Secrets Whitney in the US. Here in Europe she's known under another name: Princess Laura.

In 1992 the Totally Hair dolls was sold in the US with Barbie in different hair colors as well as an African American version. In Europe we got Ultra Hair Whitney instead of the brunette. The black doll of course never made it here. 

The European issue Ultra Hair Whitney

Steffie headmold
Markings 1971



The second doll to have the Diva headmold was Bopsy. This reddish blonde girl was part of another rock group that Barbie lead: The Sensations. Now this group is a real confuse regarding the use of names in the US vs Europe.
First the group had another name: in Europe they were called Barbie and the BiBops. Bopsy was called Becky (which is the name of the Asian girl in The Sensations). The Sensations Becky had her name changed to Bibi on her European tour. Then the black girl Belinda, remained in the US and instead there were this brown haired, blue eyed (copy of Jewel Secrets Ken who has BROWN eyes) guy by the name of Bobby in Europe... No wonder you get confused!!
Diva headmold
Markings 1985


The name Kayla has been used for two different friends of Barbie. As of 2001 there are three Kayla dolls but the third was first released as an Hispanic girl.

First there was Dance Club Kayla, in 1989 which is a fairly difficult doll to find. The Dance Club dolls were never sold in Europe as of my knowledge. The first Kayla doll was yet another redheaded Diva faced girl with beautiful green eyes, dressed for disco. She was on the store shelves for only one year.

Locket Surprise Kayla did also have long red hair but the Teresa headmold. As she was introduced as Barbie's new friend I guess she is a different doll with the same name.
This Kayla doll had beautiful earrings in a silver filigree drop style. Her chest has a secret storage place that can hold a heart shaped lip gloss or eye shadow that comes with the doll.
In Europe she was sold under another name: Alexia and her earrings were a little different.

Dance Club Kayla

Diva headmold
Markings 1985

1994 Locket Surprise Kayla

Teresa headmold
Markings 1990


Tara Lynn®

Another Steffie faced beauty that never was sold in Europe is this blackhaired, blue eyed GORGEOUS Western Stampin' Tara Lynn. She is another doll that is rather hard to find. This doll has been one of the doll artists favorite dolls to makeover and redress. Tara Lynn was riding with Barbie for one year only in 1994.

1994 Western Stampin' Tara Lynn

Steffie headmold
Markings 1971



This is a wonderful doll and a great concept! Becky was released in 1998, sitting in her pink wheelchair making friends with every little disabled girl in the world. The first Becky doll is a redheaded beauty, the second has brown hair and a red wheelchair and is a school photographer. I hope to get her with her camera to be mascot for my face pages. Perhaps she could help me find all those illusive friends that never turn up anywhere...
School Photographer Becky. Second Becky doll. She comes in a wheelchair.

Teen Skipper headmold
Marked 1995



The 1 Modern Circle gang was a movie making agency that saw the day of light in 2003.
1 Modern Circle Melody.

Doll and picture belongs to Aims.

Barbie tnt headmold
Marked 1962 (!!!)



Summer is a new friend joining Barbie on the Californian Beach in 2004.  She is little sister to Blaine - the new guy that has stolen Barbie's heart! 
Cali Girl Summer.
The heads of most dolls in late 2004 all have a bit of blown up proportions although Mattel claims they are not. Some people refer to these as balloonheads.

Summer headmold
Marked 2003


2007 Fashion Fever Summer

Ana/Lara head mold
Marked 1998



The Fashion Fever group got extended with some new friends and Raquelle is one of  them. A darling fair skinned girl with bright blue eyes and black hair. Same colorings as the 1990's top favorite makeover doll above (Tara Lynn). Her head is marked 2003 and most likely made with the Summer sculpt.

Fashion Fever Raquelle. 

Summer mold,
marked 2003



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