Disney« and other cartoon dolls, female

I have been asked many times if I ever would do a page with the faces of the Mattel Disney dolls too. I decided to actually do this but to also add other brand dolls. This page will not in any way be complete in all molds there are - since I will not own all the dolls, or know even half of them.... But I will do my best to share the ones I have now and most likely will acquire over time.
The dolls Mattel has manufactured are stamped ęDisney in the neck, same with Tyco's dolls. No dates.

Heads are divided into female and male dolls. Page 1 (this) has the female dolls. Go to Page 2 for the male dolls and page 3 for some mask play sets..


MattelTM Disney« dolls


Snowie has been released a few times but most dolls have been made with this cheeky face.

Cinderella is a sweet looking blonde girl with a narrow face. I believe she has been made from a couple of different molds but can't say for sure.

Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty.

The first Sleepng Beauty with her light purple eyes that closes and opens in hot/cold water.

Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty.

A gorgeous version, don't you think?


Ariel, the Little Mermaid

Even if she is living under water she looks a bit dirty! (was a kid's doll before she moved in with me and has been treaten accordingly)


The beautiful Belle from Beauty and the Beast has been made with a closed mouth. This face can differ a lot depending on her makeup and what color her eyes have. First Belle dolls had brown eyes.
Princess Jasmine from Aladdin is very easy to spot since she has molded earrings! This mold was also used for the promo and catalog pictures for Pocahontas!

Esmeralda is the gypsy girl from Huncback of Notre Dame. Some people thinks she looks evil with her raised eyebrow which is more visible in some versions. I think she is cute!

Megara is the girl that gives Hercules a living "h*ll" with the help of Hades....

She has a very distinct cartoon face. Very Greek statuesque, don't you think!


Jane from Tarzan came wearing a djungle hat. She has brown curly hair under it.




Nakoma was a friend of Pocahonta's. It is nice to see Mattel using different molds for these dolls!



Mulan was made with two different molds. One had a closed mouth...

This doll has a white painted face.


... another Mulan had an open smile




Other brands and cartoon dolls


This doll is Anya, by Galoob. She is really the Russian princess Anastacia which she finds out in the movie.

There are several characters, both male and female, made from this movie but I only have this Anya to share.

SnowWhite, by Simba Toys


Ariel, the Little Mermaid. This is one of Tyco's Ariel dolls. They made quite a few versions of her.

I still want the original doll (as well as Mattel's version of her, preferably with Merbaby Sandy!)


One of Ariel's friends - Tropical Splash Kayla.


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