In 1966 the Roberts family grew a little bigger as the tiny twins Tutti and Todd joined them. These little darlings were the cutest!

Tutti and Todd had a body molded in one piece in a rubby plastic with a steel wire inside to help them hold their poses.
Tutti had blonde, brown or red hair and blue eyes while Todd was a brown eyed kid with titian hair. Did you know that he is the first male doll with rooted hair?

Next year they got a friend when Chris appeared. She had a different, more heart shaped, face with bigger eyes painted. Her brown eyes had a totally 60's look. She had brown, blonde or carrotred (in Europe) long straight hair.

They have no year markings on their heads and there have been discussions wether Tutti and Todd shared head molds with Chris, but they do not!

In Europe we had yet another little friend in the 70's with the same face as Chris, and THIS IS SO STRANGE! We don't ever get black dolls here, but this little cutie was black and never sold in the US! Carla came in an orange dress and had two pigtails.

The European Hong Kong-made dolls were made of another plastic than the 60's dolls in USA manufactured in Japan and looked unwieldy in comparison. The heads were harder and looked smaller, but they are still the cutest!

A brunette Japan-made Tutti.

Tutti headmold
No year markings

A brunet European Todd made in Hong Kong.

Tutti headmold
No year markings

Chris with her beautiful brown eyes in that soo '60s look.

Chris headmold
No year markings

The European issued Carla with her thick black hair.

Chris headmold
No year markings


Buffy was made with the Chris head and body mold. She came with a small doll called Mrs Beasley (to the right).

These dolls originated from characters in a US' TV-series called "Family Affair".

Chris headmold
No yearmarks
(Only markings inside rim of neck:
© Mattel Inc Japan)

Mrs Beasley here is missing her square glasses, otherwise she is wearing her original outfit. 

xxx doll headmold
yearmarks ?
(can't tell if she is marked in the rim of the neck since her cloth body is attached)


Pretty PairsTM

Pretty Pairs
In the booklets you could also find these sets of cuties that were made with the same head- and bodymolds as Tutti and Chris.
Pretty PairsTM was just that: three pretty pairs consisting of a girl doll and her friend.

Lori 'n RoriTM
Nan 'n FranTM
Angie 'n TangieTM

Picture scanned from the 1970 Living Barbie® booklet.


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